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Cell phone apps, are they making America dumber?

America is in the grips of an app revolution
America is in the grips of an app revolution

America and the world is in the midst of a cell phone and android app epidemic. According to Pure Oxygen Mobile in 2013 Google Play/Android is estimated to have 800,000 apps and Apple an estimated 775,000 apps available for download. It is safe to sayApps have become a part of the everyday American life.In fact right now you may be using an app to read this article.

There seems to be an app for everything.

Need to know how many calories in a Happy Meal? There's an app for that.
Need to know how much sales tax you will have to pay for an item? There's an app for that.
Need to find the answer to a tough math problem? There's an app for that.
Need to keep up with your favorite team's stats, drafts, or watch the latest game? There's an app for that?

Apps were created to make life a lot easier and quicker. Apps open up new avenues to find and retrieve information all with just the tip of a finger. Apps take the guess work out of everything. Apps reduce the need for thinking.

The underlying question with all the apps out there, has the over use of apps to figure out common everyday problems in life reduced our mental capabilities?

The mind is designed to be exercised and used. Websites like offer programs which are designed to stretch the brains capabilities and keep the brain alive and well into life's waning years. Recent research has shown exercising the brain can reduce the risk of such diseases as dementia and other cognitive diseases.

Apps however fill in the blanks of life without giving the mind the exercise it needs and gets when it is called upon to calculate and deduce everyday problems. There are a lot of less than thirty somethings who have a hard time doing simple calculations in their heads or figuring out a simple dilemma like how much three items are if they are on sale at the low price of four for $1.00.

Don't fret though there is a way to get your fill of apps and still give your mind the exercise it needs. has put together a list of the best mental workout apps available like and Brain Challenge. All of the apps on the list are designed to give your mind the vigorous workout it needs.

Of course it is never to late to pick up a crossword puzzle or paper and pen and start working out the mind the old fashioned way.

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