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Celine Dion manager change: Husband Rene Angelil steps down after three decades

Rene Angelil steps down as Celine Dion's manager
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Celine Dion's manager for three decades has been her husband Rene Angelil, but times are changing. According Yahoo! News, Angelil has stepped down from the role. Luckily the singer and her company have a plan already in place that should ensure a seamless transition.

Aldo Giampaolo, who has worked with the couple for more than two decades, will take over the role. Rene Angelil will be the chairman of Feeling Productions Inc., Celine's company, and Gianpaolo will become the chief executive officer. Apparently this is a move that Rene initiated several years ago.

Rene dealt with a cancerous tumor last December, and it isn't the first time he has battled the disease. Angelil, 72, battled throat cancer a number of years ago as well. Rene and Celine met when she was just 12, and he was 38, and he has been Ceilne Dion's manager since she was a teen. They became romantically involved when she was 19 and the two married in 1994. They have three sons together.

The family currently lives in Las Vegas, and now Giampaolo will be based from the city as well. Feeling Productions Inc. manages the singer's career, and it seems the couple feels now is the right time to make a transition in regards to who leads the way in terms of being Celine Dion's manager.

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