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Celine Dion greets Atlanta fan and family

Celine Dion poses with Atlanta man's daughter after he posts YouTube video.
Celine Dion poses with Atlanta man's daughter after he posts YouTube video.
Courtesy of Twitter account of Robin Leach

Atlanta video engineer designer Richard Dunn never dreamed when he gave up his Delta Airlines seats for two different flights out of the Las Vegas McCarran Airport that it would lead to national recognition and a meet-and-greet with celebrity and singer Celine Dion. But it did.

Yet that was only after he created a video of himself singing "All By Myself" in a deserted airport overnight, which went viral and caught the attention of Dion, who released a counter video, inviting him to visit her Vegas Colosseum show and to use her bathroom, if needed. And now Atlanta fans of the singer have learned that Richard Dunn went back to Vegas, with family in tow this time, prompting another twist to the story that originally drew 13 million YouTube video hits.

Robert Leach tweeted on July 7 that it was he who had the extraordinary story to tell about a photo he put up on his Twitter account of Dion and a two-year-old girl, and that he was sharing the story on the Vegas Deluxe website.

According to Vegas Deluxe, the former Canadian (who moved to Atlanta) went back to Vegas at the prompting of Dion's video, taking his family and friends with him this time and using his free ticket vouchers received last month. This time he did take in the celebrity singer's show, and his family went with him. And afterward the gracious singer spent time meeting her very public admirer and his precious family, including his two-year-old daughter.

It is always great to see celebrities spend time with adoring fans and take the time to pose for photos with them. Richard didn't have to make a video that called attention to Dion or her singing, but he chose to and he did a fantastic job of it considering he used his iPhone. Celine Dion thought the spoof video was "hilarious," according to CTV News last month. And so she paid tribute to the video engineer's talent and homage to her music by responding in kind with her own video. And that was very classy of her.