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Celibacy for Matthew McConaughey!

Matthew, Camila & baby Vida
Matthew, Camila & baby Vida
Vida, the new addition

Matthew McConaughey  and his sensational 27 year old Brazilian model wife Camila, welcomed a new addition to the family on January 3rd,  whom they named Vida. Their first child, Levi was born  on July 7th, 2008.  The couple met in 2007, and their relationship progressed to parenthood fairly quickly.  McConaughey, the youngest son of a gas station owner who ran an oil pipe supply business,  has always been known as the hunk with the rock hard abs and an incredibly toned body to boot.  He was often seen running and working out  with Lance Armstrong prior to Camila's arrival in his life.  A number of women would gladly take Camila's place at anytime night or day.  Now, Matthew finds himself in a bit of a pickle.  His wife has announced that she will wait 40 days before their love life resumes.  In Brazil, the tradition for a new mom is to allow the body to settle down and rejuvenate from the experience of pregnancy and childbirth.  A 40 day rest period from sex is recommended. However, it is a fact that many other countries also abide by this rule of thumb.  Camila, who is the Season 3 host of Shear Genius, has stated that she misses working out more than anything, and this statement did not include the bedroom.  She shared that she looks forward to getting back into shape.  The overall benefits she feels, include health, vitality and a clear head.

So when will the sex life of this lovely couple resume?  Well, Vida was born on January 3rd, so  you do the math!!