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‘Celebrity Wife Swap’: Tichina Arnold, Kelly Packard and bearded dragon lizards

Tichina Arnold
Photo by Mark Davis

The fans of “Celebrity Wife Swap” might want to get ready for another thrilling episode of chaos and strangeness for the swap of two women who have entirely different lives. Tichina Arnold and Kelly Packard are taking on new families on the latest edition of the show and there is no doubt pandemonium is coming as more animals are involved. What animal is it this time? Bearded dragon lizards! According to We Love Soaps on Monday, the fans of the soap opera community will be watching closely as Tichina Arnold was on “Ryan’s World.”

Actress Tichina Arnold lives in New York City with her husband, St. John’s University Assistant Basketball Coach, Rico, and their daughter Alijah. Their daughter is looking to be a star and her lifestyle is pretty laid back. With no bedtime and no set list of chores it seems the kid is running the home. Tichina and Rico like to end the day with a glass of wine and watching TV.

Kelly Packard lives in Newhall, CA with her husband, ER Trauma Doctor, Darrin, and their four children. Her family lives just outside of Los Angeles where they have a few animals including bearded dragon lizards. Kelly’s daily schedule centers on her kids. The family is Mormon and abstains from alcohol, tobacco products, and caffeine.

When it’s time for the "Celebrity Wife Swap," Tichina is not at all prepared to care for all of the family’s animals, especially when one of Dalin’s dragon lizards decides to get up close and personal. Missing her wine and relaxing evenings, Tichina is now cooking, cleaning and running a household of six.

Meanwhile in New York City, Kelly finds the city cramped and exhausting. Alijah’s busy schedule of auditions and dance classes is non-stop. Demanding so much time, Kelly finds that family time never happens

When it’s time for rules change, Tichina insists on family activities together. At the Arnold house, Kelly brings some additional structure to the family and had activities together as a family with Rico and Alijah.

“Celebrity Wife Swap,” airs Tuesday on ABC at 10 p.m. ET.

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