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‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ season 3: Jermaine Jackson and Daniel Baldwin swap

Jermaine Jackson
Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for BET

ABC has announced the return of “Celebrity Wife Swap,” and the third season will begin with a swap between Jermaine Jackson and Daniel Baldwin. The Philadelphia Tribune reports on Monday that the mothers will be switching lives, but their entire families will be affected by the changes. The couples will have to live with their new wives for one week and learn to adjust to the swap.

Baldwin is technically not married to Isabella Hofmann, but this has not stopped ABC from including her in the wife swap. She will switch lives with Halima Jackson for one week, but both women will experience surprises during the show. They are not prepared for the lifestyles they encounter, and viewers will get an inside peek into the Jackson and Baldwin families.

Halima is surprised to learn that Isabella takes care of the entire home and does not live in a mansion. On the other hand, Isabella is shocked by the wealth she encounters in Halima’s home along with the announcement that Jermaine’s wife does not do much around the household. Both women must learn to adjust to their new families and follow the old lifestyles before they can institute changes.

Similar to other wife swaps, there is tension between the couples and families from the start. Isabella warns Jermaine she will break him, but he takes her threat as a joke and asks her to see if she can really do it. In the end, the show will allow the couples to reunite and discuss the week at a table.

Fans have been promoting the show on Twitter and posting pictures of his wife and home. He seems pleased with the results of the reality program, but Baldwin is not posting any response. “Celebrity Wife Swap” has plans to feature Angie Stone and Laila Ali on the show this season, but other celebrities have not been confirmed.

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