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Celebrity trainer Sagi Kalev joins Beachbody "SuperGroup" Year of the Beast

Year of the Beast SuperGroup Leaders
Year of the Beast SuperGroup Leaders

A team of six Beachbody Coaches have united together to form the first “SuperGroup” designed to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

SuperCoaches prepare to launch Body Beast SuperGroup "Year of the Beast" with Sagi Kalen

On July 1, 2014, the team of coaches announced the group will officially kick off on July 7, 2014.

The “SuperGroup”, called “Year of the Beast”, is based on a common practice called “Challenge Groups” utilized by Beachbody Coaches through Facebook and will use Body Beast by Beachbody.

Body Beast is a 90-day home workout program designed to build muscle and burn fat without steroids or any other drugs. The program uses Dynamic Set Training and includes a comprehensive nutrition guide created by world-renowned Natural Body Builder and Clinical Nutritionist, Sagi Kalev.

The Year of the Beast SuperGroup was the creation of Beachbody Coach, Lance Lyell, coming off the heels of his participation at the 2014 Beachbody Summit held in Las Vegas, NV. The Supergroup is put together for those who “want to compete in the 2015 Beachbody Classic, train as if they were or just get the type of body they’ve always wanted.”

During the Beachbody Summit, Lyell attended the Beachbody Classic, a large stage production combined of natural Physique and Bodybuilding competitors. There, he witnessed two of his friends and teammates, Chet Nichols and Chris Coburn, compete in the competition and place in the Top 10 overall male finalist category.

The competition was held before a packed crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and was comprised of 160 male and female competitors. Each of the 160 had one thing in common: They all used a Beachbody home workout program to create their phenomenal physiques.

After returning home motivated and inspired, Lyell publically declared that he would enter the next Beachbody Classic in 2015 and use Body Beast as his workout program. He didn’t anticipate the overwhelming responses he would soon receive.

“After writing that post I left the house to train a client. When I came back I was shocked,” said Lyell. “The outpouring of support was crazy…I had no idea so many people were craving and needing this,” Lyell said.

He said that a few of his fellow coaches and “true Beasts” wanted to do the same thing with Body Beast and Shakeology, so they joined forces and formed the “Year of the Beast” SuperGroup.

The Beachbody Star Diamond Coach is a Beachbody Challenge winner, NASM Personal Trainer and was a featured Success Story in Men’s Health Magazine.

Joining Lyell are: 3 time Beachbody Challenge Winner and Beachbody Classic Top 10 Finalist, Beachbody Coach Chet Nichols; 2011 and 2012 Beachbody Top Coach and P90X2 Cast Member, Beachbody Coach Wayne Wyatt; Beachbody Challenge Winner and Body Beast infomercial participant, Jeff Lennon; Beachbody Classic Top 10 Finalist, Chris Coburn; and Beachbody Challenge Winner and INSANITY: ASYLUMN Volume 1 infomercial participant, David Jefferies.

Group leaders were ecstatic to learn that Body Beast Creator, IFFB Pro and Celebrity Trainer, Sagi Kalev, wanted to join their group.

Not only are the participants going to learn from the 6 Body Beast alumni, but they will receive support and guidance from the program’s creator.

“The BEAST Will be visiting here EVERY SINGLE DAY and you all have my support with all that you need,” Kalev told the group on June 30th, 2014. “If you want to be a Beast you must train like one, eat like one, sleep like one but the most important YOU MUST BELIEVE LIKE ONE!”

Kalev has been on the cover of over 30 well-known fitness magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Iron Man, Hardcore Muscle and Health and Fitness Magazine.

All six coaches have completed Body Beast, some completing multiple rounds.

Qualifying Star Diamond Coach Chet Nichols completed 4 rounds of Body Beast leading up to his participation in the Beachbody Classic.

“I started with P90X about a year and a half ago. After having great success losing a ton of body fat, I was ready to pack on the muscle.”

Nichols, who recently turned 43, said after one 90 day round of Body Beast, he had already achieved the body he always dreamed of.

“The results I achieved exceeded all my expectations, and now I get to use my experience and knowledge to help others get the same, or better results.”

Nichols said that is why he became a coach in the first place.

“Being a coach allows me to help others achieve their goals; it also makes me more accountable, and accountability is what this group is all about. But you better be ready to give all you’ve got, because we will push you to your limits.”

Nichols credits Lyell for putting the leadership team together instead of going it alone, stating that their “teamwork mentality” is the foundation that makes this an elite group.

“You have 6 coaches who have had phenomenal success with Beachbody, Body Beast and Shakeology,” says Nichols. “We’re coming together for a common goal, to help others have the same type of success that each one of us have had…and we are going to be sweating it out right there with you.”

“You can expect extreme results, but Year of the Beast is not for the faint of heart…it ain’t Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies you know!”

7 Star Diamond Coach Wayne Wyatt was quick to answer the call and was “pumped up” when his friend committed to do the Beachbody Classic in 2015.

“It got me pumped to take part! I want to get some people that have been slacking and lurking back on track,” the P90X2 star said. “There is a lot more accountability and oversight in this group. There is now a "buy in" with the Year of the Beast… expect a fuller chest, bigger arms, rounder shoulders, and strong legs with either plan!” referring to the two different programs a Body Beast challenger can choose.

The Body Beast program offers a “Huge” schedule designed for those who want to add a great deal of mass, or a “Lean” schedule designed for those who want to lose body fat while gaining muscle.

Wyatt has completed multiple rounds of Body Beast and has used Shakeology for over 4 years. He credits Shakeology for keeping his performance at 100%.

“It can be hard to get all the nutrients your body needs in a day and Shakeology ensures that I get exactly what I need. It tastes amazing too! I look forward to it every day.”

Wyatt says, though Shakeology is the fuel that keeps him going, his enormous physique is credited to the Body Beast.

“With Beast I have focused on adding lean mass. Increasing my body fat too much was not appealing, so I kept my nutrition dialed in for slower gains. I have added about 15lbs of good muscle over the last year.”

Diamond Coach Jeff Lennon competed in the 2013 Beast Classic, but stayed out the contest this year to spend more time with his family at the Beachbody Summit. Though he admitted as he watched some of his friends and fellow coaches compete in the competition, he “wished [he was] with them the whole time.” 2013 was the first year of the physique competition and was only for those who had completed a round of Body Beast in particular. In 2014 the contest was opened up to those who had completed any Beachbody program to achieve their physique.

“They had fantastic results, pushed their bodies to the absolute best and had fun while doing it…they motivated EVERYONE in the audience to step up their game.”

Lennon notes that the competitors are not “professionals”, but they certainly “look like” they are.

“They are dads and moms with jobs and responsibilities. They put aside the excuses and committed to Body Beast, and the nutrition 100% and their dedication showed. I am making a commitment now, I WILL BE participating in the 2015 Beachbody Classic!”

Lennon says he is thrilled to use knowledge and success in Year of the Beast, as it gives him the opportunity to help others along the way. He says that leadership is what will set Year of the Beast apart from ordinary Challenge Groups.

“This group will have leadership from the best. Coaches that know how to get results from Body Beast,” the veteran coach says. “Where else are you going to get this kind of nutrition and fitness advice? I’m telling you if you want constant motivation and have the desire to finally get RIPPED this is the group for you!”

Lennon continued, “I put on significant muscle with Body Beast and achieved my lowest body fat ever and Shakeology is the supplement that helped me lose 30lbs…those who commit to the program and nutrition should expect to get into the best shape of their life!”

Lennon has been a Beachbody Coach for three years and is P90X Certified.

Ruby Coach Chris Coburn said the Beachbody Classic was his first Physique Competition and he wants to help anyone who has an interest in doing the same.

“Many people are intimidated or unsure with how to prepare for such an event and I hope that I can help.”

Coburn says that the SuperGroup will be a valuable tool to help those who need a little help and guidance.

“This group is going to be incredibly supportive and motivating for everyone involved…many of the team leaders are participating,” says Coburn. “…all of the members of the group are going to get top-notch support and advice along the way.”

Coburn adds, “Did you know that more Beachbody Challenge winners have come from our team than any other since they began handing them out? True story! How would you like to be surrounded by several people who are driven individuals all with proven track records of success in transforming their bodies?”

Like all the other coaches leading the SuperGroup, Coburn credits Body Beast and Shakeology for his success.

“I've been able to add lean muscle mass with the combination of Body Beast and Shakeology. I've always had trouble gaining any kind of mass and this program has a great plan to help anyone do just that.”

Coburn is an INSANITY Certified Instructor and has been a Beachbody Coach since 2011.

Coach David Jeffries is a self-proclaimed “hard gainer” but was able to up his game with Body Beast.

“I have had great results with Body Beast. It has allowed [me] to go from 155-160lbs to a constant 170lbs,” says Jeffries. “I don't gain weight easily, so that is a big deal for me. My strength has greatly improved with Body Beast as well.”

Though he claims to be lazy at times with his nutrition, Jeffries credits Shakeology for helping him stay on track.

“I don't always like to eat a variety of food, so Shakeology allows me to cover all my bases with a shake that I actually look forward too. I have a killer Choc/PB recipe I will share with you if you join the challenge.”

Jeffries says that the other 5 coaches are some of his closest friends and share a common goal…helping others meet or exceed their goals.

“It's hyper focused! You have 6 amazing coaches that only want to get you ripped! We will all keep you pumped up and motived, but will shoot straight and give you tough love too.”

Jeffries is a longtime coach who participated in Wyatt’s original Challenge Group, but says there has not been anything close to that since.

“I want to catch lightning in a bottle again and I want more people to experience what a Challenge Group can really be like!” Jeffries continues, “Expect to gain strength, put on muscle, and have a blast! If you want to use Beast to get shredded, we can help you set up a nutrition plan for that too. If you just want to put on mass, get ready to eat!”

Jeffries can be seen in the INSANITY: ASYLUMN Vol infomercial.

All six coaches have had a variety of experiences with Body Beast, and much success. They speak from knowledge and experience, but know it can be a little intimidating too. When asked what they would say to someone who is on the fence about joining…

"The single greatest thing you can do to ensure success is surround yourself with like-minded people. This group is made up of incredibly successful motivating Beasts. Trust'll want to surround yourself with these people for the next year. I promise the results are going to blow your mind!" -Lance Lyell

“Don’t limit yourself by your own fears and doubts. You will never know what you can accomplish until you take that first step and we will be right here with you. You don’t want to be that one person who, one year from now, wishes they started today!” -Chet Nichols

“Body Beast also has a 90 day money back guarantee... so why are you worried? Shakeology has a full refund too. There is no reason not to try!” -Wayne Wyatt

“Do it for yourself…put that 3 month investment in you and see what a 3 month commitment can do.” -David Jeffries

“There may not be another group like this one for a long time. Everyone involved is really excited to get started and push each other to new limits!” -Chris Coburn

“Why not see what your body is capable of. It's more than you think!” -Jeff Lennon

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