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Celebrity stylist Jeannie Mai hosts style day

Style day with Jeannie Mai
Style day with Jeannie Mai
photo courtesy of Colgate Optic White

Celebrity stylist Jeannie Mai has been really busy these days. On Friday July 25, Jeannie hosted "Style Day" where a lucky winner from the Colgate Optic White contest was awarded the opportunity for a one on one style session with the fashionista. I caught up with Jeannie for a brief interview, and she shared with me some of the highlights from the fabulous event.

1. On Friday July 25 you hosted "Style Day" tell me a little bit about that.

It was such a fun day because I got to meet our contest winner. Her name is Jeannie, and I think she has the best name out there. (laughing) It was special because she came here from her small town, and it was her first time wanting to get new outfits. She's never worn a dress before, and shes never really put on heels. It was really special helping her to feel as beautiful as she deserves to feel.

2. How did you decide the wardrobe for the winner? Was it based on personality and lifestyle?

I pretty much always do everything based off of lifestyle, personality, and also comfort. I asked Jeannie a few questions that helped me decide what type of person she is. I asked her who her favorite celebrities are, who is her favorite teacher, what things she feels comfortable wearing, and through that I was able to go through the Walmart website and try to pick out what she should wear. We got some really fun dresses. In fact, I think we picked about 15 outfits for her, and she was really happy.

3. What are some of the hottest fashion trends right now?

Right now, it's all about having a little bit more of a comfortable feel. A couple of seasons ago we did a lot of pencil skirts, and tight fitting things. Now, these women are more encouraged to wear big blowsy items. Also they are encouraged to wear a little bit more loose and sheik things that kind of falls off the shoulders, and pants more masculine silhouette clothing. I'm very excited about that because it just allows them to be comfortable, and breathe a little bit more. That's always a good thing.

4. Are there certain color schemes that are being worn this season?

That's a great question. I really have been loving the use of neutrals. It's kind of crazy because last season we were all about bright colors. Now days its all about tan, ivory's, and creams blocked with bold colors like mandarin orange, or a navy blue. Colors like that are really very sheik, and have been driving more of the eyes of fashionsistas like myself.

5.What advice do you have for mixing different fabrics and patterns?

It depends on the personality. I feel the more wild you are, the more rules you will break. If you want to come off a bit more adventurous and unexpected, mixing patterns from your top to your bottom, and even shoes are really cool. If you are a little bit more sophisticated, then you want to be a little more subdued and stick to maybe mixing 2 patterns, or just take some more animal prints and mix them together. I love leopard print with a little bit of a giraffe print. Sticking in the same color tones is always important.

6. What is the biggest fashion mistake that people often make?

I think women forget that any single thing they own can be altered You can take something to a seamstress and they will make it perfect for you. Just because you buy it at the store doesn't mean that it's made to be specifically worn that way; 1 item can be turned in to a better fitting top for yourself. It can be something more fitted for your body shape, but I think women need to be very careful about choosing things. Women should make sure it fits their body rather than just picking something because they bought it off the shelf.

7. I know a lot of plus sized women don't know dress with something suitable for their body types...Do you have any advice for plus sized women trying to put their wardrobes together?

Yes, in fact Jeannie our contest winner from Colgate Optic White was a plus sized woman. We really wanted to focus on the fact that her torso can be lengthened by using anything v-neck, or anything embellished on her shoulders makes the waist look really small. Every single thing that we bought had more emphasis on the top of the shoulders and then it draws down to a narrow waist and that was really cool for her also i wanted to show her how just a beautiful bright makeup can really drawing attention to the face, and don't always focus on your body. Just because your body isn't in the best shape that you want it to be, doesn't mean that you should stop dressing up your face and putting on beautiful makeup. She actually didn't think about that, and I loved reminding her of this because she really looked so beautiful. She never took the time to really put on great makeup.

8. What other fashion tips did you teach the Colgate Optic White winner during style day?

I taught Jeannie first of all the importance of choosing the best parts of her body and focusing on that, rather that hiding the parts of her body that she doesn't like. For example, she really didn't love anything about her body. She had always worn just black pants, and tried to cover everything up. I said no we're not going to do that. I said today we are going to pick 3 parts of your body that you're going to love for today just 3 parts. I told her I loved her bust line. #1 She has a really great chest area. A lot of women, especially in L.A. pay so much to have these beautiful breasts. She has a beautiful neckline, so i wanted to show her how if she opened up her neckline, it would give her so much more of a waist because she focused on showing off her neck line and enhancing her breasts. #2 I wanted her to recognize that making her waist look smaller can be done by putting the right kind of top as a v shape on the very top of the neck, and also the shoulders. She got that instantly. I even showed her some tops that were crew necks and turned them into a v neck just by adding the right necklaces, or showing her how a small alteration can change that. Lastly a heel. Just a tiny little wedge heel made a big difference. She probably didn't notice but it made her walk differently. Women forget that, and I think that's so important because it makes a big difference. I think that sometimes we can get lazy to be really honest with you, and its not a good thing. We have to make sure to show off our bodies in those different ways

9. Can you share a little fashion trick with our readers?

I really love being able to pick shimmery expensive looking fabrics. With jeans people like to wear a lot of t shirts. Its not a big deal to wear a basic shirt that looks like a t shirt. The thing is, if you pick a jersey or shimmery material to wear as a t shirt, it will immediately look expensive and that's all that matters. You can wear a t shirt but if its a jersey, and almost has like a satin finish to it, then it doesn't look like a t shirt that's whats most important. Women need to focus on fabric first not just I'm looking for a t shirt. Look at great shimmery fabrics that are in the shape of a t shirt. That way people won't know that you're wearing a t shirt. that's a really easy tip; that fabrics can make things look so much more expensive. #2 I would also have to say that in order to lengthen your neck, people forget that a really good drop earring can make you look taller instantly. A good drop earring changes everything and makes you look a little bit more sophisticated.

If you would like to follow Jeannie Mai on Twitter: @jeanniemai, and Instagram: thejeanniemai. Jeannie loves answering questions from fans, so I encourage you to follow her, and ask her some questions.

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