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Celebrity stoners: Green celebrities who admit to smoking pot are no dummies

Curious about which big name star celebs have openly admitted they smoke pot? While many people expect poorly educated gangsta rappers to be the only people who use drugs for recreational or therapeutic purposes, there are many mainstream and well-respected Hollywood icons who say that smoking pot has helped them to relax, unwind, experience health benefits, improve their sleep quality, eliminate pain, help them focus their attention deficit problems, or at the very least enhance their creativity. The following green celebrities have openly admitted to being celebrity stoners at least at one time or another in their lives, and since all of them have accomplished great successes in life, it appears as if very few celebrities who smoke pot are actually people anyone would consider to be dummies.

Justin Timberlake smokes pot to relax, remain focused, and help with creativity.
Justin Timberlake smokes pot to relax, remain focused, and help with creativity.
Photo by Jamie McCarthy
Oprah Winfrey openly admits she used to smoke pot but says she has not done so since 1982.
Photo by Kevin Winter

Take, for instance, pop music singer and actor Justin Timberlake. He smokes pot on a regular basis and claims it helps him stay focused, relaxed, and feeling creative. So does his former girlfriend Cameron Diaz (who actually claims that rapper Snoop Dogg was her pot dealer while they were in high school together back in the day). It is also common knowledge that country music star Willie Nelson is pretty much so baked morning, noon, and night each and every day... and he is how old now? A happy, healthy, and wise 940?

While Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong set the stereotype for what celebrity stoners were back in the 1970s and 1980s, the more typical modern pot smoker is someone like Ashton Kutcher. His role on "That 70s Show" pretty much made him an urban legend, but a few more naive folks who did not quite catch all the stoner references in the hit television show pretty much figured out that boy was good to go whenever it came time to smoke when he agreed to play the lead role in what has since become a cult classic film -- "Dude, Where's My Car?"

When Ashton Kutcher became the first Hollywood celebrity to efficiently harness to power of social media to make himself a household name across the nation by challenging CNN to a race to see who could actually attract one million followers first, he made pop culture history -- not only in show business but also in marketing. He might pretend to be nothing more than a pretty face, but it is fairly clears from his long history of professional success that boy ain't stupid.

Bill Clinton might not have admitted to liking to smoke pot but Barack Obama certainly has done so -- much to the delight of many left-leaning and liberal Washingtonians who are in favor of marijuana being nationally decriminalized at the very least (even if American conservatives are not ready for pot to be made completely legal).

Granted, every pretty much so figured Disney star Miley Cyrus was destined to become a celebrity stoner. But guess what? So is mild-mannered and conservative Joe Jonas. To that end, his kind demeanor seems to balance out her dim-witted drug addled antics in such a way that if you add Justin Timberlake's name back into the mix, at least some of the Disney kids and child stars seem intelligent.

Even Oprah Winfrey has admitted she smoked pot, although she claims she has not done so since 1982. Oscar winner Natalie Portman (of "Black Swan" and "Star Wars" series fame) also had no problem admitting that she was a huge pot smoker when she was in college... and guess what? Like Oprah, she is one smart cookie. That girl actually went to Harvard.

Even Morgan Freeman admits to smoking pot. Cannabis Culture reports, "Morgan, 65, has been nominated for three Academy Awards. He called marijuana "God's own weed" and explained how Moses' encounter with the "burning bush" was an early Biblical reference to the spiritual benefits of cannabis use." Since he even played God in the hit movie "Bruce Almighty" with comedic genius actor Jim Carey, one has to believe that at least on some level he is qualified to tap into the divine -- or toke from the bong that makes all things funny.

So before you go thinking that everybody in Hollywood who smokes pot on occasion or is a well-known celebrity stoner is some sort of slow-minded, dim witted, van-driving hippie, think again. With the body of scientific evidence growing that suggests smoking medical marijuana or ingesting THC regularly might actually be good for the body, these super smart star celebs who have made such big names for themselves as famous star celebs over the years might just be on -- or more specifically onto -- something.

Source: Wet Paint

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