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Celebrity sightings:Arkansas reading literacy campaign brings smiles to children

Children’s minds grow by learning and reading is one of those experiences that can broaden their horizons beyond compare. From the early days at home parents start teaching their children the basics; identifying letters, colors, shapes, animals and small words. These same basics are continued once they enter kindergarten and move through the grades ahead.

Parents would be proud if this saying was about their child!
Parents would be proud if this saying was about their child!
Jackson Celebrity Examiner / Beverly Mucha
Reading is fundamental!
Jackson Celebrity Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Not all children seem to be as proficient as they should be. According to a news report from THV 11 News on Jan. 14 the students in elementary grades are not reading on the level they should be at. In fact the Arkansas Kids Read Organization has noted that seven out of ten fourth graders are not reading at the fourth grade level. So a little excitement was brought in to two of the North Little Rock elementary schools to entice and get the children excited about wanting to read.

There were three celebrity sightings at the Indian Hills and Boone Park Elementary schools. This was all part of the literacy campaign called Arkansas Kids Read. Now the celebrities were ones that the children really could relate to. So Word Girl, Clifford and the Cat in the Hat came to visit.

This was a fun and exciting day for the kindergarten through third grades students to see. We’re sure they were all ears after the excitement died down a bit to listen to their favorite celebrity characters and what they had to say about the importance of reading.

What reading does for your child?

Reading can create a lifelong reader.

Reading teaches children about adventures, travels and ideas through books.

Reading can strengthen a child so they can learn more about themselves.

Reading builds a vocabulary and boosts their imagination.

Are you reading to your child and having them read back to you to help them grow, learn and improve their literacy skills?

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