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Celebrity relationship update

Melissa Rycroft may have got her start on the Bachlor, but she's a happily married woman now.
Melissa Rycroft may have got her start on the Bachlor, but she's a happily married woman now.
Photo: AP/Klitscher

       As the end of the year rings closer, it’s important to stay up-to-date on which celebrities are hooking-up, apartment shopping and getting married. This way we know which celebrities are kissing under the mistletoe and which will be looking for someone new in the New Year.

Sorry to all the young teen boys but Miley Cyrus was seen in Paris french kissing her latest hookup. According to TMZ, the 17-year-old was seen with fellow actor, Liam Hemsworth. The two have been linked since co-starring together in the upcoming Nicholas Sparks movie.

Taking it up a notch, two people who are obviously doing more than hooking up, is Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper. Sources for gossip site Perez Hilton spotted the couple browsing real estate in Los Angeles last Friday.

“They prefer to stay in rather than hangout at show-business parties, and he has already introduced her to his parents,” said the source. The two traveled together this summer as Cooper filmed his latest movie. While neither has confirmed the relationship, it’s safe to say they are definitely an item.

Another couple that have yet to confirm their relationship, but are clearly together, is Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez. The two try and play coy when cameras are around but according to sources, the two are quite cozy with one another when cameras are not around. The two have been spotted, however, dinning and shopping together. Their kids have also joined them on outings, which is a good sign that they’re willing to introduce one another to their kids.

Hudson recently appeared on the Late Night Show with David Letterman, where she would quickly change the topic when her love life was brought into question. I’m no relationship analyst but this is typically a sign that something more is definitely going on between Hudson and Rodriguez. Could there be wedding bells in the future for the two? That may be pushing it, but there are wedding bells for other celebrity couples.

On Dec. 12, Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars contestant Melissa Rycroff, 26, tied the knot with insurance agent Tye Strickland, 28, in Mexico, according to PEOPLE.

The couple was engaged in June, just four months after Rycroft was jilted on national television by Bachelor star Jason Mesnick. Although, Rycroff and Strickland were previously a couple but split shortly before she left to be a contestant on The Bachelor last year. “Tye and I picked right back up,” Rycroff said shortly after getting engaged. “He’s my best friend.”

Uma Thurman, on the other hand, called off her engagement with Swiss multimillionaire Arpad Busson. No news yet on an official cause for the split, but sources are speculating that a taxing long-distance relationship may be to blame.

As for Tiger Woods relationship update, his wife was seen out this past weekend without her wedding ring. Maybe this is her way of working on their relationship.

Stay tuned for more celebrity gossip!