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Celebrity real estate: Brooke Mueller's ugly pool stops $3.5M home sale?

Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen, has gotten famous for her drug-addled antics. But did you know she's also a well-known for being a street-savvy property investor? In the midst of fighting with her ex-husband over whether or not their twins Bob and Max can stay at the home of Denise Richards (circa Dec. 16), she's been trying to sell her grand "Tarzana" estate in California.

The famous house flipper seems to be off her mark a bit regarding her marketing skills lately -- perhaps distracted by her speedy proclivities. Mueller, who recently checked herself into rehab for the 19th time -- is allegedly in treatment at the present time for her Adderall addiction.

[Adderall junkies typically crush it up and snort it like people did with cocaine back in the 1980s. Since so many people can easily ask doctors for prescriptions "for their kids" to mediate behavior, they have to go no further than their local pharmacy to buy the drugs -- thus avoiding the worry of doing a drug deal on the street with less savory criminal elements. In case you were wondering...]

Mueller's trying to sell her big 9,000 + SF house for an even bigger ticket -- the asking price for the luxury home is $3,550,000. But despite being a nice place and the former celebrity home of Scary Spice Girl Mel B (a former competitor on "Dancing With The Stars"), the house is just not moving says eStalker. Why?

Basically, the home is not selling right now (in part) because the swimming pool area is actually pretty ugly. After all, who wants to move into a huge McMansion in sunny California and not be able to fully enjoy the backyard view or the outdoor amenities?

The celebrity real estate website's host shared,

The fully developed and landscaped areas around the house include a party-sized motor court at the front and a meandering terrace at the back of the house with a built-in fire pit fully realized outdoor kitchen and lounge set up with snack counter and massive stacked stone fireplace. Around the side of the house, overlooked by a covered veranda on both the first and second floors, is a large rectangular swimming pool with a slightly elevated spa and tanning terrace. We love that the pool appears to be set into a the tree tops but we're not so fond of the ticky-tacky child safety fence that surrounds it. We understand their utility and all that, they're just usually so visually incongruous, intrusive and, well, ugly.

So what is keeping Brooke Mueller from forking over the dough to pay to have the pool area revamped? Aside from the fact she's worrying about her own health [and not likely to be thinking clearly while withdrawing from her designer nose candy], she's got two young twin boys whose safety she has to consider.

Despite the fact she claims the boys are safe with her because she has a nanny, being a drug addict she's likely to be too out of it to properly supervise her children. By keeping the ugly pool gates up right now while they are small, she's potentially avoiding a life-threatening incident should one of her children accidentally wander off and end up in the pool area.

To that end, the ugly toddler fencing is probably smart to leave up while she owns the property if her children are ever anywhere near the place. However, if she was smart, she's have some sketches drawn up that could give a new home buyer an idea of the types of things they could do to remodel the pool area.

Having a visual representation of the pool done minus the safety gates could be just the right thing to help a home investor bite on the big-ticket property. If she had several drawings done -- along with proposed costs to do each different type of improvement -- then she could also make a price concession should she find a buyer who is interested in the property but would only be motivated to purchase the place after haggling.

The fact that it is not selling has little to do with her bizarre pseudo-celebrity status or any scandal she's gotten herself involved with lately. [Sorry, Charlie.]

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