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Celebrity plastic surgery: Which popular stars admit to having plastic surgery?

Joan Rivers has had a number of cosmetic procedures done.
Joan Rivers has had a number of cosmetic procedures done.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Celebrity plastic surgery is something just about all Hollywood stars depend on to keep a flawless appearance. It doesn't always have the desired effect, however. Kim Novak just fired back at critics for "bullying" her about her looks at this year's Oscar Awards.

The Hollywood Reporter was just one report published April 18 that covered a feisty letter Novak posted on her Facebook page. She also let people know that if plastic surgery makes someone feel better then there's nothing wrong with doing it.

In a report published by On The Red Carpet, a list of stars was revealed to have had work done. They admitted to it in various interviews with magazines or on television. Kim Novak was number one on the list for having fat injections into in face. She admitted that in her Facebook letter.

Who else falls in the celebrity plastic surgery category? Quite a few. Some will be surprising while others it'll seem obvious. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting of "The Big Bang Theory" made headlines when she told Cosmopolitan magazine that she had breast implants when she was 18.

Victoria Beckham had breast implants, but she had them removed. Robin Wright of "The Princess Bride" gets "sprinkles" of Botox done to her face and Britney Spears has lip injections. Julie Chen of "The Talk" had her eyes widened so she would be more marketable as a television reporter.

Tamar Braxton of "Braxton Family Values" has had her nose done and Joan Rivers has had everything and more done when it comes to celebrity plastic surgery! She's had lip injections, tummy tucks, chin tucks, breast implants, liposuction, full face lifts, and collagen. The comedienne has been quite open about going under the knife.

Jane Fonda has had loose skin removed from under her face and the bags around her eyes. Courtney Love has had plastic surgery done to her breasts, lips, and nose. Bruce Jenner had a botched facelift and had his nose worked on in the early 1980s.

Janet Jackson and La Toya Jackson have admitted to having a nose jobs. Mickey Rourke had six nose jobs and a cartilage removed from his ear. Nicole Kidman denies having any plastic surgery done other than having Botox.

Pamela Anderson has had her share of breast augmentations while Priscilla Presley had work done from a bad surgeon who scammed her into having heavy cosmetic surgery. Kathy Griffin also makes the celebrity plastic surgery list by having a nose job, facelift, eye job, brow lift, facial peel, and liposuction.

Cameron Diaz had a nose job done after a surfing accident in 2006. Lisa Rinna has had breast augmentation, Juvederm in her cheeks and lips, Botox, and lip reduction. Jennifer Anison has had a nose job to correct a deviated septum and had Botox done.

Actress Patricia Heaton from "The Middle" has had breast reduction surgery and a tummy tuck. Sharon Osbourne of "The Talk" has had a series of cosmetic procedures done including face lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, collagen in her lips. She admitted to having "downstairs" work done as well. It's unknown what she meant.

Jessica Simpson had Restylane injected into her lips and Cher has had breast augmentation in addition to having her nose and teeth redone. Jenny McCarthy had breast augmentation and gets Botox injections every few months.

As for the men who help make up the celebrity plastic surgery list, Simon Cowell and David Hasselhoff were named. Both men say they've had Botox injections.

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