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Celebrity Motorhomes showcases Prevost tour buses and Anderson Mobile Estate

The latest installment of Channel 8 Entertainment’s “Celebrity Motorhomes,” which aired last night on Great American Country (GAC) TV, took viewers on a guided tour of Hunter Hayes’ Prevost XLII Le Mirage band bus, Mariah Carey’s two-storey, 1,200 square foot, Ron Anderson Mobile Estate and self-styled Peach State country princess – and “American Idol” runner-up - Lauren Alaina’s “redneck chic” Prevost-based tour bus.

“Celebrity Motorhomes” took viewers on a guided tour of Hunter Hayes’ Prevost XLII Le Mirage band bus.
Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy/Ethan Miller/Rick Diamond/Channel 8/Anderson Trailers

Hosted by the actor, Drew Waters, with additional input from designer R.J. Anderson, the thirty-minute episode provided another riveting behind the scenes look at some of the up market flashpacking luxuries that today’s celebrities view as indispensable during a grueling U.S. tour, from an on board recording studio and bespoke make-up station to a $4,000 Kangen Water® purification unit and a cheerleading megaphone.

Four- time Grammy nominated country artist Hunter Hayes tours North America in his classic Prevost band bus which includes a series of stacked sleeping berths, each with its own drop down TV and the almost obligatory iPhone/iPod hookup. The rear of the bus also features a music lounge with a Workhorse mini studio, mixing station and laptop dock that Hayes used to record some of the acoustic riffs and a couple of the vocal pieces for his 2013 single “I Want Crazy.”

Mariah Carey's Anderson Mobile Estate has been featured on a number of network TV shows including “Access Hollywood” (see video). Ron Anderson, the creator of these massive rigs, pretty much has a lock on Class 8 tractor-based celebrity units in the North American market. However, in Europe it’s the F1 motorsports teams, like McLaren, that get the most mileage out of similar two-storey trailers.

It was actually Will Smith that provided Anderson with the opportunity to build what has become his signature trailer. Will “provided the initial drawing money…he wrote me a check and we did all the drawings and came up with the cost,” said Ron in an earlier RVing Examiner interview. The resulting prototype – subsequently named “The Aspen” - was the first in Ron’s fleet of mobile estates.

This GAC TV Celebrity Motorhomes episode (HCELM-212H) is scheduled to be rebroadcast on:

  • February 05, 2014 8:30 PM ET
  • February 06, 2014 12:30 AM ET
  • February 19, 2014 11:30 PM ET
  • February 20, 2014 3:30 AM ET

Great American Country (GAC) is available on Ch. 165 on the DISH Network and on Ch. 326 on DIRECTV.


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