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Celebrity Look-Alike Contest

Jennifer Custer and 'Flo.'
Jennifer Custer and 'Flo.'
Sharon Elaine Photography

‘Has anyone ever told you, you look like…?’ It’s a question we’ve probably all heard at one time or another. It can either be very flattering or taken as an insult. Personally. I’ve never been mistaken for Brad Pitt, but have been compared to Fred Flintstone. I suppose its better to resemble a cartoon character than a zombie from the ‘Walking Dead.’ Plus I’d rather look like Fred Flintstone than Peter Griffin.

A number of individuals are participating in a Look-Alike Contest held by Sharon Elaine Photography, Tipp City. Voting is done online, by clicking ‘Like’ on the photo of your choice on Facebook. The contestant with the most votes receives a FREE transformation session with Sharon Elaine and make-up artist extraordinaire, Ruby Randall. Voting ends on April 6.

Among the contestants is Jennifer Custer who looks a lot like Flo (Stephanie Courtney) from the ’Progressive Insurance’ commercials. Custer really wants to win the transformation, and in my opinion, is the most deserving candidate. She even caught the eye of ‘Flo’ herself, who voted in her favor.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sharon Elaine, whose photography is amazing. From family portraits, senior pictures, weddings and anything else worth capturing on film, her eyes are always focused on perfection. Her talents were even able to make me look dashing (or at least more than decent) for a photo shoot. Equally impressive is Ruby Randall, a walking model of vintage beauty, she’s a make-up artist, hair, and clothing stylist whose been published in multiple magazines. The images she creates in photos serves as an escape to an imaginary land. Together they could probably make me pass at Brad Pitt’s twin.

Since I didn’t enter the contest as Fred Flintstone’s look-alike, I’d like for Jennifer Custer to win. To cast your vote, simply click on this link
And ‘Like’ the photo.

Learn more about Sharon Elaine at

And Ruby Randall at


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