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Celebrity homes: Pamela Anderson offering Malibu home for rent seasonally

Pamela Anderson is offering her Malibu celebrity home up for rent on a monthly basis or seasonally to travelers according to ABC News.
Pamela Anderson is offering her Malibu celebrity home up for rent on a monthly basis or seasonally to travelers according to ABC News.
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Looking for a celebrity home to rent for the summer or fall season? Actress Pamela Anderson, the former star of "Baywatch" is offering her three bedroom home in Malibu up for rent to her adoring fans. ABC News reported on Aug. 3, 2013 that the blonde bombshell is still marketing her Calif. home to parties interested in renting monthly.

The news organization reports, "Pamela Anderson's three-bedroom Malibu home is back on the rental market for $27,500 a month or as a summer rental for $45,000 a month through September. The "Baywatch" star first listed her home for rent last year at $50,000 a month."

Anderson's name was recently in the New York Post on Aug. 4, when comedian Chris Rock made mention of giving her sex tape to a terminally ill teen to actor Jerry Seinfeld. Was he joking? Perhaps. But the gist of the humor was that the 15-year-old cancer stricken boy's life was improved considerably by being able to feel a little closer to the celebrity -- something that could also make the high dollar rental fee a bit more palatable for a fan who needs a Pam fix to make their life feel complete.

Back in Feb., the real estate website Zillow reported that she had (at one time) listed it on the market for-sale at $7.75 million (according to ABC). "The property has a teak-sided home with a poolside patio, rooftop deck and home theater..." claimed the media outlet, helping promote the celeb home image as a relaxing place to reside in style to people looking for investment properties.

With many homeowners around the county unable to sell their properties for prices that rival market conditions before the 2005 housing crisis, people are beginning to rent their homes out on a seasonal or monthly basis. By not committing to long term leases that a new buyer would be forced legally to comply with regarding terms, home owners -- even celebrities -- are able to have tenants help meet their monthly mortgage without compromising future sales ability.

While Anderson's house may not be on the market officially at this time, chances are if she is amenable to renting out the property that the right cash buyer could still come in and purchase the house privately.

Will her next tenant be that person? Possibly. But for now, it is nice to know that if you are a Pamela Anderson fan, you can rent her luxury home furnished with her personal belongings.

According to Real Estate Today, the asking price for a single month rental in Pamela Anderson's home is $27,500. The website further elaborate about the celebrity, the house, and her personal financial issues, sharing,

"Sometime back in 2012, Anderson offered her home for rent with a higher monthly asking price of $50,000. In February 2013, news of her home hitting the for-sale market with a $7.7 million tag broke out. It was then speculated that she listed due to financial problems."

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