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Celebrity homes: Lindsay Lohan evicted from California rental house?

Celebrity homes news! A recent rumor mill report posted by Hollyscoop claimed actress Lindsay Lohan was evicted from her California rental home, but on Jan. 2, 2013, Gossip Cop took issue with their claim and posted their own scoop. They say LiLo was not evicted -- that's their story and they are sticking to it.

Who is Lindsay Lohan? The former child star and Disney princess is one of Hollywood's most scandalous bad girls. She keeps homes in California and New York and enjoys playing jet setter.

The bad dish busting website said Lohan was not kicked out of her celebrity home. Her press camp confirms that she simply moved out of the house because she wanted to live in New York for a while. Fox News also confirmed the news report.

After Lohan's excessive legal troubles with Los Angeles police and court judges, it is no wonder the girl wanted to leave. No matter where she went, there seemed to be law enforcement ready and waiting to take her to the pokie.

Lohan's legal woes won't be left in the sunny state, however. She was recently arrested after getting in a bar fight in New York City and is facing criminal charges.

A hefty lawsuit in civil court is also expected. The woman Lindsay Lohan allegedly hit claims she is a professional psychic, one the actress offended when she called her a gypsy.


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