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Celebrity Homes in Atlanta: Justin Bieber house hunting in GA peach state?

If Hollywood has its way, it looks like the South may truly rise again. According to a celebrity real estate article published on Feb. 21, 2014, by, pop music sensation Justin Bieber has apparently been house hunting for a new crash pad in peachy-keen city of Atlanta, GA. The mainstream media outlet revealed the following celebrity gossip about the teen heart throb, saying:

Pop music singer Justin Bieber is rumored to be house hunting for a new celebrity home in Atlanta, GA according to Zillow and Today.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Not sure what moving to Atlanta will do for Justin Bieber and his proclivity for egg-fighting and car racing, but it looks like the trouble-finding singer wants out of the bright lights of Hollywood.

According to, Bieber was recently seen house hunting in the Tuxedo Park section of Atlanta. He checked out a 16,000-square-foot estate set on 1 acre.

The “Ferrari of luxury real estate” had seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a 70-foot pool, and gym and sound system.

But don't think that a house that can clearly keep up with local Southern Jones-es is what the singing celebrity is really after; if celebrity real estate rumors are true, at least to Bieber, size really does matter.

"Word is that the Biebs is looking for a spread big enough for him to get lost in the woods..." (or at the very least to put enough space between his house and the neighbors to let him comfortably feel like he can go outside to frolic and play) claims Today.

"His target is 5 or 10 acres, which will put him 2,500 miles away from the home in the Calabassas neighborhood of Los Angeles where he has run into recent troubles with neighbors who don’t appreciate his need for speed, entourages, Segways and egg-throwing escapades..." said the media outlet, noting that the baby-faced teen scene heartthrob has actually turned himself into quite public spectacle these days.

Their article seemed to be primarily based on Zillow rumors that the Biebs was house hunting for a new place in the peach state. somewhere far away from his current home in Cali -- a place where boys can be boys without so many neighbors or paparazzi able to catch them their proverbial baggy pants down during any of their juvenile escapades.

Atlanta has long been the home of another famous music icon, Elton John. The famously gay singer has maintained a residence in the city with his partner for many years and is oftentimes seen by locals there in the company of his lover and their adopted son.

Other celebrities who own houses in Georgia or the Atlanta area include actors Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and "Twilight" movie actress Kristen Stewart says celebrity homes website Celebrity House Pictures. Will Justin Bieber be the next big name celebrity to buy a luxury mansion on a large parcel of property in the quiet, sunny state?

According to the latest video news reel about the celebrity's official plans to relocate, his house hunting endeavors appear to have been successful. While some sources like TMZ are claiming he has only been renting, it may just be that he has purchased a home and is chilling out at a local rental property while waiting to close the deal on his new place and redecorate.

Check out the attached Hollyscoop video to learn more about his plans to relocate to the new city. Stay tuned for more Celebrity Property Examiner updates about famous celebrities and their celebrity homes in the news.

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