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Celebrity Fund Raiser Event Announcement for VFW Post 8235 In River Oaks Texas

Dan Severn "The Beast" as he is known in The Ultimate Fighting Championship and Pro Wrestling world may be a tough cookie in the ring and in the cage; but when it comes to supporting our nation's warriors and vets he has a soft spot in his heart. This Legend in the Amateur & Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts is promoting a major event to take place on August 17th at VFW Post 8235 from noon till 9pm in order to raise sponsorship funding and awareness for this post. The vent will be a family friendly event with fun for all ages and include an all Men's Arm Wrestling Competition and the grand finale will include a Women's only Submission Grappling competition. All of the proceeds raised by the competitors will go directly to support this local VFW.

This  is a slide show of articles pertaining to the August 17th 2014 Fund Raiser at The VFW Post 8235. For more Details go to
Flyer 1 for Beast Bash 2014 at The VFW
A photo of one of the event flyers go to their page to download the flyer in pdf.
VFW Post 8235, Knife and Hand to Hand, Dan Severn, SAS Fitness

The Fight for Sponsorships

Because this event came into fruition at such short notice the race to gain sponsorships for this is imperative. There are a little over two weeks to gain sponsors, vendors, volunteers and competitors for this event in order to make it a success. Sponsors can go to the event website for details on how to sponsor. Sponsorship Packages range from $100 to $500, are collected securely via Pay Pal and all monies will be donated to The VFW to make this event happen. Sponsorship Packages range from an autographed photo with "The Beast" and a Sponsor Announcment every hour of the event via PA system to Advertising logos on websites, flyers and T-Shirts, a vendor booth at the event, Complimentary passes and more.This is an urgent call to community members and businesses. Those wishing to Sponsor may go to the event page and scroll down to where it gives the option to "Sponsor Beast Bash" Event Page

From the Press Release:

“We already have the venue, but we need volunteers, competitors and sponsors. So far I have contacted three local grappling schools to see if they were interested in providing female grapplers. Only one so far has expressed interest and that is a local school Genesis Jiu – Jitsu. Honestly I hope to see more interest from the community. This could be a great opportunity for local businesses to sponsor, get their name out, interact with the public and help the community. I also think that this event will be just an all-around fun time. We really have to pull together to make this thing happen though. This is a great cause, the VFW does things for the community on a daily basis like meals on wheels for example. They do home comings for active duty members, support service member families and also help sponsor community events themselves. These guys stay behind the scenes making things happen. We are on a limited time frame to get sponsors for this, get competitors rally volunteers and make this thing everything that it has the potential to be. We’d like to get local press or live radio coverage to help this thing get some love”

- The Spokesman for the event

Although the call to action amongst potential Sponsors and Competitors alike is urgent this isn't the toughest fight that the Champ has ever faced. Unlike the "Octagon" which is an individual challenge, this challenge of building the event is something that the community can join in together to accomplish.

A call to all Competitors

Besides Sponsorships the event will collect donations from a proverbial "Pot" that is built by competitors for the days events. Competitors register to compete, they are then posted on a competitor page and others may sponsor the competitors; both male and female to compete in either Arm Wrestling for Men or Submission Grappling for Women. Competitors must reach a minimum Sponsorship donation of 100 dollars in order to compete. All sponsorship donations are non refundable. This unique way of building sponsorships and collecting donations creates a competition from the very registration for the event. Competitors will register and then immediately start using social media, email and other means to direct donors to their account.

Arm Wrestling

This event entails two Male Competitors facing off across the table to battle a test of strength in a single open weight division Arm Wrestling Competition. If the event spins up enough competitors then there will be weight classes but under the current level of interest there is only one division. To register for this competition athletes may go to this web page

Women's Grappling Championship

Much like the original Ultimate Fighting Championship this is an open weight category competition. Female Grapplers will face off in an arena no larger than 12 feet in circumference and engage in an all out sprint to victory winning either by a pin, submission or by points. The scoring system is similar to that of Folk style Wrestling, but allows for Jiu - Jitsu Competitors to hold their opponent in guard. There are penalties for stale mating or what is considered a "Lay and Pray" tactic where a top competitor just lays on the bottom competitor hoping to run out time. This event just wouldnt be a challenge though if it weren't for the fact that the 12 foot arena will be filled with mud. The mud will make grabbing and holding much more difficult.

The spokeman for the event stated that thus far; after contacting representatives of three DFW grappling schools only one showed interest. He mentioned that a River Oaks based Jiu - Jitsu School Genesis Jiu - Jitsu had some interest in the event. The spokesperson expressed his disappointment with some of the other school's representatives and their lack of showing any support for the community, but hopes that once some attention gets shed on this event some of the other schools might have the community spirit to want to participate. He adds that this would be a great opportunity for local grappling schools to showcase their best female talent in a time where this type of sport is exploding on the female market. Female Competitors are welcome to register on the following page

Using Social Media to promote this event

In a time when the American People gained a elected a President based on Social Media, the VFW and those that they support are now counting on this same technology to make a difference in something that actually helps the community. This event can be followed on the event web page or on Facebook. Dan Severn's "Beast Tour" page is

Why this Event is so Important

VFW Post number 8235 supports the community on multiple levels from supporting active duty personnel on NAS JRB Carswell to home comings and even Meals on Wheels in the local area. The VFW motto is "Honoring the dead by helping the living". Although the VFW is never waivering in their support to those who need, and the needy never stop needing; their funds are limited. This event is a great way for the community which include local talents and small businesses to come together in a grass roots effort to make this event viral.

In summary

In closing this edition of the Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner. This event is what American values stand for. One could only ask for a better opportunity to show community spirit and exercise core American values if the event were to be held on the fourth of July. As the writer of this column, a combat veteran a member of Post 2246 in Rome New York and community member, I thank the veterans involved with this effort in raising money and awareness as well as the sponsors and in particular Dan Severn for all of their dedication and patriotism. For those who want to get involved their event page is Their Press Release is Until next time.

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