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Celebrity diets: Rihanna hungry for Chinese food when she is hungover?

On Jan. 7, 2014, Entertainmentwise news wrote, "Turns out alcohol doesn’t have the same desired effects the morning after as it did the night before. But while many turn to coffee and aspirin after a drunken soiree, Rihanna craved the cuisine high in MSG." Their original source? None other than Ri Ri herself -- as the media source posted their online story about the singing icon after reading one of her Twitter posts.

Celebrity model and pop music singer Rihanna recently revealed that when she is hungover after a long bender she craves Chinese food to help make her feel well.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

“Alcohol is the devil and I need some Chinese food,” Rihanna tweeted in her public message to the world. Back in the States as of Jan. 7 claims E! Online, the fact she's here, hungover, and hungry is big news. But noting common knowledge that there are more Chinese food restaurants in the United States than there are American restaurants, her craving -- at least to American readers -- probably did not sound like strange news at all to most.

The entertainment news media outlet went on to say, "Can’t fault a girl for enjoying an extended New Year’s celebration. The R&B artist hosted a small dinner party on New Year’s Eve in New York City. She and her model pal Cara Delevigne then traipsed over to the city’s 40/40 Club to host its evening festivities."

“Hung. Over,” the singer tweeted on Jan. 5, reported OMG News. But the celebrity stoner's non-stop partying has not seem to slow her role when it comes to making time to record in the studio.

Rihanna's voice will be featured on a news single partnering up for a duet with Shakira. The new Rihanna song with her celebrity friend is scheduled to be released on Jan. 13. The name of the song is "Can't Remember To Forget You."

Can anybody say, "Chris Brown, who?"

She also still manages to rock a bikini despite any bad celebrity diet habits. So, despite any controversy her Twitter post may cause in the conservative sector, she's still a sexy super star in the eyes of her adoring fans, many of whom are undoubtedly psyched to hear her new vocal track with Shakira.

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