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Celebrity in Delta first-class seat swaps with soldier: Altruism or press setup?

Amy Adams pictured on the ground in this photo, but credited with giving up her privileges in the air on a recent Delta flight for the sake of a soldier.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Today Entertainment is calling it a "first-class move" by celebrity Amy Adams after ESPN's Jemele Hill let the world know about the actress' gracious overture to a United States soldier via her Twitter account on June 27, 2014.

It seems that the five-time Oscar nominee felt led to vacate her first-class Delta airlines seat on a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles before the plane taxied down the runway, swapping seats with the unnamed soldier.

At the time, Hill tweeted that she "just saw Amy Adams do something classy. She gave her 1st class seat to an American soldier," and that the act made her "an even bigger fan now," of the celebrity actress.

The airline passenger occupying the seat next to the soldier in coach class got the distinct pleasure of having the female celebrity plop down next to him when she gave up her cushy first-class seat, and that young man, Ernest Owens, is no ordinary person, as it turns out he writes for Ernest Media Empire, Inc., which makes one wonder: was this a publicity stunt or did Adams just happen to do a good deed as some members of the media were watching?

Given that there has been no response from the official Amy Adams camp regarding the act, no one knows right now. Maybe she will have her press secretary weigh in on the matter soon, so the public can learn whether a soldier was honored for his service to the country--or if a celebrity needed some more good PR to tip the Oscar scales in her favor? Hopefully, this will not be a story that blows up in the media, like the Kentucky Fried Chicken one did recently.

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