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Celebrity body buffer Ashley Borden creates super sculpting DIY DVD

Body buffer to stars such as Chelsea Handler, Reese Witherspoon, Jeremy Piven and Ryan Gosling, Ashley Borden has created a DIY DVD so the rest of us can get in shape in the privacy of our homes, hotels or offices. Her “6 Weeks to Sculpted” video reveals some of Bordon’s celebrity secrets and techniques with consumers everywhere.

Want this body? Get the 6 Weeks to Sculpted DVD
Courtesy Ashley Borden

All you is a space to place a yoga mat, a foam roller, a set of dumbbells and some motivation and you’re off to buff body-dom. "Throughout my years of training I’ve learned that people do better when they have a finish line in sight,” says Ashely. “And in six weeks, it’s absolutely possible to make a serious and noticeable change in your body.”

6 Weeks to Sculpted is the celebrity trainer’s first DVD. It provides freedom to workout at will, but of course you must make a commitment to do so. It also offers you the ability to structure and control their workouts and schedule in order to achieve optimal results. Each exercise session includes strength building, yoga, cardio and foam rolling.

The DVD costs $24.9 at and comes with a digital calendar that lets you pair up various workouts to eliminate the monotony that comes with doing the same video day after day. None of the sessions are longer than 45 minutes with the average running about 20-25 minutes.

"I created 14 varied workouts for six days a week of training, and the results include weight loss, muscle definition, increased flexibility and boosted metabolism. 6 Weeks to Sculpted is also scaled in difficulty and endurance,” adds Ashley. “So anyone can work his or her way up. And if you are already fit -- it's still ass-kicking!”

Ashely was an avid dancer during her youth who says she always felt a connection with fitness but still suffered from a serious eating disorder during her teens. She says she hit bottom at age 8 and learned how to control it and include exercise and balance in her regimen through Overeaters Anonymous. She is currently a private trainer at Fitness Factory at 650 La Peer Drive in West Hollywood, California.

Flabby arms plaguing you? Watch the video for Ashley's tip on firming them up.

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