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'Celebrity Big Brother' houseguest Gary Busey says he saw Patrick Swayze's ghost

Gary Busey says he sees dead people
Gary Busey says he sees dead people
Photo courtesy of Radar Online

Actor Gary Busey announced on this season's "Celebrity Big Brother" that he saw the ghost of Patrick Swayze just before he entered the house. The Academy Award-winning actor claims that he has been talking to spirits ever since a motorcycle accident that he had in 1988, the Daily Mail reported yesterday.

Gary Busey is one of the contestants on the new season of the British reality show "Celebrity Big Brother" this year. Days before entering the BB house, the 70-year-old actor shared with houseguests that he encountered the spirit of Patrick Swayze. Busey appeared alongside Swayze in the hit action film "Point Break" in 1991. Swayze died of cancer in 2009.

The actor claims that he has been seeing spirits ever since a motorcycle accident that he got into. Busey was injured on December 4, 1988 and suffered brain damage as a result of not wearing a helmet. Busey thinks that his gift is a result from his heart stopping briefly from having surgery.

"He came through me the other day. Patrick Swayze's spirit came right through me and my father's spirit came right through me. I've been to the other side after my death after brain surgery so I have a connection to the spirit world," Busey said to houseguests James Jordan and George Gilbey.

The fourteenth season of "Celebrity Brother" kicked-off on Monday. Although Busey claims to have a psychic gift, he failed to recognize his ex-girlfriend Angelique "Frenchy" Morgan who is also a contestant in the BB house. Upon entering the house, the French actress greeted Busey with a hug and the veteran actor asked what her name was. The two dated for two years before finally breaking up in 2010.

"Celebrity Big Brother" producers are monitoring Busey due to his erratic behavior on the show. New episodes airs nightly in the UK on Channel 5.

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