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'Celebrity Apprentice 2014' spoilers: What happened with Johnny Weir?

Why isn't Johnny Weir on 'The Celebrity Apprentice 2014' as anticipated?
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for EJAF

The Celebrity Apprentice 2014” has just started filming in New York. Though the cast is not yet been officially released by NBC, plenty of spoilers are out already. There is one celebrity that has caused a bit of confusion for "The Celebrity Apprentice" spoiler fans, but on March 27 Radar Online shared the scoop they got. Is or isn't Johnny Weir doing the show the season?

According to sources for Radar Online, Johnny Weir was indeed set to do “The Celebrity Apprentice 2014.” However, as many have noticed, the Olympic skater is in the midst of a brutal and public break up with his husband Victor Voronov right now. It seems that as the split hit the fan, Johnny decided he needed to drop out of doing the show.

Right now it's uncertain as to whether a replacement was simply brought in right away for Weir, or if his start and abrupt stop will play out on the show itself. Based on “The Celebrity Apprentice 2014” spoilers and pictures that have hit social media sites, it would seem that the cast is full without Johnny Weir in the mix. However, at this point that is still speculation. For now, fans will have to stay tuned to see if Johnny Wier's supposed involvement in “The Celebrity Apprentice 2014” makes it on air or not.

As for Johnny Weir himself, sources for the site also indicate that other opportunities are on hold as this mess with his estranged husband plays out. In terms of “The Celebrity Apprentice 2014,” no premiere date has been set as of yet. Filming is happening now and a summer debut is anticipated.

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