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Celebrity adoption spotlight: Al Roker

Al Roker
Al Roker
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He's best known for being the witty and loud weather man on NBC's Today Show, but Al Roker is also the proud parent of an adoptive daughter, Courtney Roker, who is now 22-years-old.

Roker has been open about discussing his fertility problems that led he and his first wife toward adoption in 1987. He has said he struggles with a low sperm count.

Adoption was not something new to Roker when he adopted Courtney, growing up he came from a family of six siblings, three of which were fostered.

During his third marriage to fellow journalist Deborah Roberts, the couple consulted a fertility specialist and conceived two children, Leila Roker who's 21, and Nicholas, now 7.

When asked about the difference between adoption and having biological children, Roker said, "The moment I held Courtney, the first time I held her I felt this instant love. And it was akin to the same feeling the first time I held Leila. When that baby looks at you, that's your child. And you know, I look at both of their eyes and these are my girls, and nothing would ever change that. I mean, it doesn't matter, biological, adoptive: That's your child."

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    Leila Roker is not 21. She was born in 1998.