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Celebrities take to Twitter to sound off on the Juan Pablo drama

Juan Pablo is the talk of Twitter.
Juan Pablo is the talk of Twitter.
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Even the celebrities want to sound off on Twitter about the drama surrounding Juan Pablo Galavis of “The Bachelor” fame. And, who can blame them as both the reality TV show and the bachelor himself are still a hot topic in cyber space.

“The Bachelor”: What is all the fuss about?

Twitter has been buzzing the last few weeks as the finale of “The Bachelor” neared and viewers wondered which woman Juan Pablo would select for the final rose and, potentially, a proposal. When he chose to propose to neither woman on the finale that aired March 10 that was one thing. Then, in talking with host Chris Harrison in the final episode, Juan Pablo refused to say he loves Nikki Ferrell, the woman he chose in the end.

In addition, Clare indicated during the finale that he said crude words to her when no cameras were around. As Twitter messages indicate over the last 48 hours, the public is confused and uncomfortable with it all.

Celebrities weigh in on Juan Pablo on Twitter

Even the celebrities were taking jabs at Juan Pablo on Twitter. Take comedian David Spade, for one. He wrote several Tweets on March 10 to accompany the last episode of The Bachelor. He poked fun at Juan Pablo as well as Nikki:

I don’t know whos dumber. The bachelor, or the girl he picked that he doesnt really like #TheBachelor

That message appears to have made an impact on the social media network, with 409 retweets and 680 favorites to date.

Then, how about an observation on Twitter from the star of last season’s “The Bachelor.” Yes, Sean Lowe took to Twitter with this message:

JP lives with his foot in his mouth. #TheBachelor

There was a huge reaction to that message about “The Bachelor,” with 7,885 favorites and 3,754 retweets to date. “JP” is a nickname for Juan Pablo. Before sending out that message on March 10, he had Tweeted “This is painful to watch.”

And, on March 12, more celebrities continued to weigh in on the TV event. The Late Show sent out a Twitter message tagged with the Juan Pablo name that was a mock ad for the “no-commitment ring” as the ad called it. The words in the ad included, “…I don’t want to let you go. I like you a lot. A lot.”

While the Juan Pablo season of “The Bachelor” is over, the star will likely continue to receive notes on Twitter bearing his name or referencing him. Whether more celebrities will openly comment using the popular social media platform or not remains to be seen.

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