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Celebrities share New Year’s diet resolutions, from carbs to Kardashians

Kardashians clique keep carbs in check.
Kardashians clique keep carbs in check.
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Even celebrities are not immune from the desire to come up with diet-related New Year's resolutions. While some are sarcastic, others are more sane, reported the New York Post on Jan. 2.

Here are the weight-related celebrity resolutions for 2014 reported by the NY Post:

  • Kathy Griffin, comedian, apparently wants to focus more on having fun with food than shedding pounds. Her resolutions include "eat more carbs."
  • Donatella Arpaia, restaurateur and television personality, wants to get lean through exercise, vowing "to make exercise a part of my everyday life for good. I decided to walk to all my appointments and never take a cab or subway again in NYC."
  • Jill Zarin of "The Real Housewives of New York" is known for being blunt. She held true to her candid commentary by resolving to "lose 10 pounds" in 2014.

In addition, Khloe Kardashian is determined to "just to go to the gym and be healthy," reported the Daily Record on Jan. 4.

Her plan for 2014: "Work out continuously," which she feels "takes determination."

And in contrast to her sister Kim, Khloe avoids stressing about the numbers on the scales.

“I never ever weigh myself on the scales. I don’t believe in numbers," she said.

However, Kim is obsessed with her weight, OK magazine reported recently.

Kim has put herself on a diet that "revolves around steamed veggies doused in zero-calorie flavor spray, and Diet Coke," a source said.

OK magazine revealed that she's eating about 600 calories per day, and became irritated with Kanye West “when he opened a package of cookies in front of her.”

No word on whether Kanye now has a resolution to avoid cookies.

Another new mother, Fergie, is focused on fitness rather than cookies (or the lack thereof). She's vowed for 2014 to stay consistent with my workouts and eat healthy," she told Shape magazine. "Being a new mommy, it's easy to just grab whatever's there and throw the workout out the window."

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