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Celebrities New Year's resolutions

The Times Squares New Year's Eve ball.
The Times Squares New Year's Eve ball.
Photo: AP

       The New Year is finally and it’s time to put some effort into those New Year’s resolutions. You know, the ones most of us make and the ones most of us break. Ever wonder about what celebrities hope to stop doing less of and want they wish to do more of in the New Year. Celebrities claim to be just like the average person, despite driving around in vehicles that cost more than most of our houses, so is their resolutions just like the average person? You be the judge.

Some are choosing the common resolution, which is to eat healthier and work out a little more. Reality star Kim Kardashian is sticking with her resolution from last year, “which was to get in shape and stop eating sweets. I think I’m going to continue that because I broke it a little bit.”

Singer gone actress Fergie echoed the same, saying, “It’s always the same: to work out more and eat healthier. I’m trying to go organic, eat more raw.” Actress Eva Longoria Parker is taking it a step further by giving up meat all together.

Other celebrities just wish to be a little happier, and a little less stressed this year. While you may assume that Britney Spears’ goal would be to stay out of the media a little less, her resolution is still very responsible. “I would like to stop worrying so much because I worry all the time. And to learn how to be happier, just in general.”

Actress Aisha Tyler wishes for the same as Spears, saying this year she wants “to be happier!” She added, “I’m a pretty happy person, but I try to be as happy as I can.”

Some celebrities are also thinking about their family. Ashlee Simpson said, “All my focus is on my son. Every day, being a better mom and learning with him. It’s an incredible experience.” MTV reality star, Stephanie Pratt, said her only goal is to get her boyfriend to quit smoking. Brian Austin Green hopes for the same but doesn’t seem very confident in himself. He said his resolution “seems to be to stop smoking every year.” He added “We’ll see how it goes this time.”

The difference between them achieving their resolutions and us failing at ours is their personal trainers, chefs and those numerous cameras that follow them around to help them stay on track.