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Celebrities and LIQRPOP: The first frozen confection with alcohol!

Aaron Hill.
Aaron Hill.
Courtesy of Brandon Cohen.

GBK, a luxury style and special events company, hosted their annual Pre-Emmy Celebrity Gift Lounge honoring 2014 Emmy Awards Nominees and Presenters on August 22nd & 23rd at L’Ermitage Beverly Hills.

Maksim Chmerkovskly.
Courtesy of Brandon Cohen

Celebrities stopped by to experience LIQRPOP--the first frozen confection with a full serving of alcohol hidden inside.

What is LIQRPOP?

LIQRPOP LLC has invented and engineered a new, patent-pending delivery mechanism that creates a hard frozen confection with a full serving of alcohol contained separately inside which can be either injected over the frozen cocktail flavored surface, or sucked from inside the pop while enjoying the frozen outer confection.

The alcohol can also be shot strongly (4-6 feet) from the frozen pop if a more playful serving method is desired. In summary, the mix of alcohol and frozen cocktail can be uniquely controlled by the consumer.

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