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Celebrities and cancer: Radical Atavistic Chemotherapy can treat non-famous, too

Celebrities and cancer: How radical treatments like Atavistic Chemotherapy can help non-famous patients, too
Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Nearly every day we read about another famous face in the news that has unfortunately received the dreaded diagnosis of cancer. Whether it’s Valerie Harper fighting back against the producer of the “Looped” play that she was forced to drop out of when her lung cancer returned unexpectedly, or actor Bill Duke’s recent admission of his doctor’s “watchful waiting” approach to battle his prostate cancer – the prominence of the disease in the news sheds light on new approaches to the fight that all patients can use.

Seeing as though the American Cancer Society reports that nearly 1,600 people per day die from cancer, it seems that a radically new and more effective means of treating the malaise is in order.

“There is something fundamentally wrong with the way cancer has been defined and treated,” says Frank Arguello, MD, of Atavistic Oncology Clinic, a physician who has been on a mission to redefine the manner in which cancer is treated ever since his own mother succumbed to the disease at a young age.

Instead of automatically resorting to the highly toxic treatments of cancer therapy today, Dr. Arugello employs a revolutionary form of orally administered treatment that produces fewer side effects than the radiation that some patients assume is their only option. He believes these current commonly harsh practices will fade away, like the poisonous treatments of the past, whereby painful gold injections and radiation were used to treat conditions like syphilis.

Are cancer cells really sick cells?

It is quite a radical thing to suggest that cancer cells are anything but malicious, toxic cells that need to be eradicated as soon as possible, side effects be damned. And when those in the public eye make it known that they’re following a path other than the combined one-two punch of chemotherapy with radiation, some might assume they’re signing their own death sentence with dangerously wacky healing attempts outside of the norm. But what if there is another way?

“Cancer cells are ones that have been reactivated, with their own unique cellular gene,” says Dr. Arugello, describing his extremely well researched theory about the behavior of cancer cells – not calling them sick cells but dubbing them as ones that have been dormant, if you will, that are changing back into a prehistoric method of operating.

His daily treatment is based on extensive scientific literature from many years about the “atavistic” way – a word that literally means something has reverted to its ancient or ancestral dealings – and comes with claims of remission in six months, without calling the process an out-and-out cure for cancer.

The thinking is poignant and thought-provoking, specifically in light of the fact that in these modern days, there exist approximately 200 varieties of cancers that affect human beings, but a whopping 70% of cancer deaths are due to merely five types of those cancers.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology pegs cancer as the predicted leading cause of death by 2030, therefore, in light of this fact – coupled with the surprising knowledge that the average survival time for a woman who has had no surgery, chemotherapy or radiation to attempt to cure her cancer is 5.5 years and that only 2% of cancers are curable using chemotherapy and radiation – this seems like the perfect time to turn the tide and the success rates for complete cancer remission upward.

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