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Celebrities and athletes react to Donald Sterling racist recording

Celebrities and athetes react with disgust at racist remarks made by Donald Sterling.
Photo by Stephen Dunn

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is in hot water for a very disturbing conversation with girlfriend V. Stiviano about who she should and shouldn't be seen with in public. Sterling was adamant that she was embarrassing her billionaire boyfriend by taking pictures with minority celebrities and putting them on her Instagram. The more than 9 minute conversation has stirred up a lot of anger on Saturday according to TMZ and now many celebrities are speaking their mind about the man with historically racist tendencies.

Magic Johnson was unwittingly the center of the Donald Sterling controversy so naturally everyone wants to know what he thinks. It was a picture that V. Stiviano posted to social media that she took with him that got Sterling so upset in the first place. He quite literally told her to stop being seen with Black people and to certainly not bring them to his games.

Magic Johnson took to Twitter and aired his feelings after hearing about the Donald Sterling recordings. Obviously upset by the harsh words heard on the audio recording, Magic says he will never attend another Clippers game. Do you blame him? Here are his actual tweets:

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling's comments about African Americans are a black eye for the NBA.

I feel sorry for my friends Coach Doc Rivers and Chris Paul that they have to work for a man that feels that way about African Americans.

I will never go to a Clippers game again as long as Donald Sterling is the owner.

TMZ reported this morning that Clippers owner Donald Sterling doesn't want me or other African-Americans to come to Clippers games.

Another outspoken and influential African American celebrity who is upset by Donald Sterling would be Snoop Dogg. Now he's a die hard Lakers fan and this scandal probably didn't help. Snoop was less polished in what he said and the video he made is definitely pretty explicit. It can be found on TMZ Sports.

Rev. Jesse Jackson has also commented. He wants the NBA to do something about Donald Sterling and owners like him. He has a good point too. The NBA is a workplace for the players and staff. Donald Sterling is a known racist. Wouldn't that create a hostile work environment? In any case, it's a huge deal and the NBA doesn't need people like Sterling stinking it up with their racist rhetoric no matter how rich they are. Jackson is urging a Clippers boycott to let Sterling and NBA know that language like this will not be tolerated.

Clipper Darrell has been incredibly supportive of the Los Angeles Clippers even when they wanted to take rights to his name. He has been very outspoken and is, for obvious reason, very upset. Due to his unwavering support for the team over the years despite how he was treated and despite their historically horrible record, we are printing his statement in it's entirety.

Are you kidding me? At a time when Clipper fans are looking forward to our first championship ever with an incredible team and coach. I am deeply saddened in hearing this disturbing information. To know that the man responsible for putting me on the team plane to attend a playoff game in 2006 didn't like Black people at his games is upsetting. Furthermore, to disrespect a legend like Magic Johnson who has dedicated his career to unite people, is a travesty, And now for me personally it all makes sense for the unjust treatment I've experienced behind the scenes from Clipper Management. My ability to fully function as Clipper Darrell was tainted a few years ago by the same group of people who made me out to be this money hungry individual. I've shown through my loyalty as a fan and my community involvement that was clearly not the case. There is no place in sports for any form of bigotry or racism, especially from an owner of a professional team. This revelation has a profound negative impact on everyone. The question I have "what do you do when you love a team but dislike the organization?

The reaction has been pretty much the same across the board. So far there are no Donald Sterling sympathizers. Here is what other celebrities and athletes have had to say:

Russell Simmons:

Sad about Donald Sterling*** statements sorry for people who have to work for him. #NBAblackeye

Marcellus Wiley:

Donald Sterling's latest racist comments just freed up my tuesday night plans at Staples. Shame on us…we were warned! #HistoryRepeatsItself

Arsenio Hall:

I will never go to a Donald Sterling Clipper game. And! AND ... I will not even sail on a Clipper ship!!! #teammagic #teamblackmexicangirl

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