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Celebriscents: Aromatherapy candles with a celebrity twist

Scent and the City (Cosmopolitan scented candle)

Celebriscents is a novel, New York-based company that takes thousands of years of aromatherapy teachings and presents them appealingly to the contemporary, pop culture-driven consumer. Aromatherapy has been used for millennia to heal those in physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional distress, and to prevent such distresses from occurring. Celebriscents’ soothing, American-made candles contain essential oils, herbs, organic spices, and other natural products, and promote restoration, relaxation, and joy in those who inhale their aromas. Celebriscents offers a variety of ambrosial soy candles named after celebrated people, places, and lifestyles, including:

  • Miley Cytrus- revitalizing orange essential oil with a fresh citrus blend of mandarin and lime
  • Katy Periwinkle- lavender essential oil with the sweet, soothing scents of periwinkle and freesia
  • Bee-yonce- a captivating aura of honeycomb and wildflowers
  • Al ‘Puccino- a deliciously sweet cappuccino scent
  • Bun-Jovi- the warm, nutty aroma of cinnamon buns
  • Rockefeller Center- the winter aroma of orange spritz, cinnamon, and cloves, with a bit of french vanilla and musk
  • Puerto Rico-co- a sweet, light coconut scent with actual coconut shavings inside the wax
  • The Hamp-tins- an intoxicating coconut lime verbena blend with lemongrass and sandalwood notes in a handsome 4 oz tin container
  • St. Patrick- a refreshing green clover and aloe scent
  • ‘Feel Alright’- a drug-free aroma that smells exactly like marijuana (or so I’ve heard), and
  • Champagne Wishes- an effervescent pair of champagne-scented candles that come in glass champagne flutes.

Celebriscents CEO and founder Ruthy Ferrera offers these candles and much more on Because of her passion for the entertainment and broadcasting industries, and a career that has included work with CBS Radio, Time Warner, and Howard Stern, Ruthy decided to give back to these communities in a special way. Celebriscents also offers soy tart melts, scented tea lights, candles that complement each Zodiac sign, and beautiful wedding/event favors. Candles can be personalized with the scent, color, and label of your choosing, and Celebriscents' other custom items make great birthday, Valentine’s Day, or “Just Thinking of You” gifts. Visit to learn more about this rising company and its one-of-a-kind products!

Note: Celebriscents sent me the 50 Scent "It's Ya Burffday" birthday cake scented candle and the Purple Reign tea light and I loved them! I am keeping one and gifting the other!

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