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Celebratory Fighting Irish Coffee brings the heat

This Irish Coffee brings the heat
This Irish Coffee brings the heat
Megan Quicke

I’d say Hansbrough and Notre Dame’s 56-51 victory over Pittsburgh last night deserves a celebratory drink. So what’s the game plan?

Enter the Fighting Irish Coffee beverage that I’ve perfected; a victory for Irish Coffee lovers everywhere who appreciate the extra “burn” that spiced whiskey delivers.

Check it:

Fighting Irish Coffee


1/2 Tablespoon raw, unfiltered honey (I use Ambrosia Honey Co., but you should find what’s near you—local honey can help with allergies)
7 oz french pressed coffee
1 1/2 oz Feckin Spiced Irish Whiskey
Heavy whipping cream
Red Pepper flakes


Brew coffee in french press (four minutes).
While waiting for coffee, whip chilled heavy cream until it’s light and fluffy (takes about 3 minutes)
Put honey and coffee in coffee mug. Stir in Feckin Spiced Irish Whiskey. Top with whipped cream and garnish with red pepper flakes.

“Slainte!” (my sources tell me that’s what the Irish say for, “Cheers!”)

Happy Irish Coffee Week!


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