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Celebrating Valentine's Day low cost.

Whether you take your special someone to a restaurant, buy gifts or cards, valentines are not cheap. Christian stewardship may lead to frugality, but love demands extravagance. Springfieldians are blessed with many low cost options to demonstrate love. February 14th is a day to discover how to be extravagantly frugal.

Low cost ideas are easy.
Chuck Kensinger

Ditch the purchased cards. Since you are reading you have the option of creating your own card or letter. Sending an e-mail or standard e-card is not extravagant. Create your own video for your love and send it digitally. A creative card with a special photo may be your style. Simple love notes left in conspicuous places where they will be seen all day could be a new idea.

Dinner at home may seem boring and over done. Change the menu. Pick-up their favorite type of meal and eat in the bedroom, kitchen, dining or other room that is not normal. Shake things up by turning the lights down and turning off the TV and putting on their favorite music. Love is best shown by making the evening or whole day about the one you care about. Expense is not required. Time speaks louder than money.

Candy, flowers and jewelry are expensive this time of year. Wait a week or two and buy these at discounted prices. Don't forget to present a gift on the fourteenth, but make it surprising. A gift card with a note stating that it will buy a rose a day for the week after Valentin's Day might touch her or from his favorite restaurant with coupons that can be redeemed for a date on his or her schedule could touch them.

Look for something that you have neglected in the past. Love should guide you to spend time thinking about what they want. After all it is the thought that counts isn't it?


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