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Celebrating the National Tequila Day


Tomorrow, July 24, is the National Tequila Day, I was told.

How do I celebrate the day of blue agave?

The appropriate way, I think, is to go to a good bar. Sit among other tequila lovers, pour from the top shelf bottles, compare notes, and ask the bartender what the new import is.

The trouble is, where to find this ”good” bar that has a good tequila collection, a group of die-hard patrons who have good taste and have seen the tequila world, and a bartender who knows what s/he is serving (born in Mexico would be nice but not required)?

For folks living in San Diego, gourmet Mexican food (rather than the family style burrito, tamale, and taco combination) and top quality tequila are easy to find. I remember the restaurant I went to the day before I took a tequila bus tour to Mexico. More than 500 bottles of tequila (I don’t mean multiple bottles for each one like what I often see here) decorated the stairway, the dining room, and all the shelves. In San Francisco, there are a few places to hang out. I believe that in downtown Sacramento there might be a few but it is so difficult for me to understand the streets there (getting old!) that I have not explored that area. From where I live (the foothills), I am not sure there is one “good” bar that satisfies my criteria (The most hard part is the patrons). Perhaps there is one, but I have not found it.

So I decided to stay at home at my home bar. I have not bought much tequila in the last year but it is still a good bar compared to my local restaurants.


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