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Celebrating the freedom to worship Jesus Christ

She still waves the call to freedom
She still waves the call to freedom
Verinda Birdsong, photographer

"The Messiah has set us free so that we may enjoy the benefits of freedom", Galatians 5:1a

Jesus Christ, The Son of God is the Messiah, Who is both Savior and Lord. To Him be all the glory, praise, honor and strength.

I would like to say Happy Fourth of July to all of my fellow American citizens. It has been a blessed day and of course a wonderful day to celebrate this country's freedom from the tyranny and slavery of our once Motherland, Great Britain who we still love and honor as a friend country and ally to the United States. However, today we celebrate the courage of men and women who made a decision to fight for the freedoms we so richly enjoy in this country today. I am most grateful today for the freedom of religion and religious expression Americans have in the U.S.

Now, or should I say "still" we are able to choose our own form of religious expression. We do not have to bow down to a man-king. We do not have to fear as some do in countries all over the world that if we do not pay homage to the king, dynasty, ruler, that we will go to prison or get our head chopped off. In some Asian, African and European countries there are confirmed reports by non-governmental organizations and even our own government with reports of known human rights violations exist. Whole families and communities are decimated, destroyed and living under regimes of terror and degradation, starvation, and even torture because of the ruler of the land, military group, or religious faction that are determined to rule even the very wills of its own citizenry. I can only say God bless America!

I know that America needs God like never before as a rising tide of apostasy and ungodliness is trying to darken our shores. More and more tolerance of everything in our culture even those things, ways, habits, norms, and mores that go against moral and most important biblical principles are being leaked out of the fiber of American society. We have legalized same sex marriages, marijuana, gambling, "Roman arena events", hedonism, lust for things and fame and a host of lesser evils. Yet, God has not abandoned this country because He is merciful while He listens and wait for His people to rise up, "to pray and to turn from our wicked ways". He wants to "heal our Land", (ref. 2 Chronicles 7:14, The Holy Bible).

I hope you have enjoyed your day off from work, a parade, a cook-out and all the things we enjoy to celebrate the freedom we were blessed to gain when we first became a free country, indeed, these "United States". It's late now and I hear fireworks going off as I write these last lines and ponder did anyone thank God for the freedoms we enjoy, especially the freedom Christians have to worship Christ Jesus without fear?

God has not only blessed this country with a constitution that allows for freedom of religion, but He gave us His Son, Jesus who because of love, gave us the greatest freedom of all: eternal life. He who knew no sin, very God of very God, died on a cross, shed His blood to remove and forgive the sins of the world. He rose from the dead on the third day. He lives with God Almighty and reigns from Heaven above. I have this freedom in Christ and it is the greatest liberty of all. I am no longer a slave to sin, death, poverty of mind or heart. I am rich, in Christ, in love, joy, I am a committed friend and a lover of God who so loved this world that He made, that He gave His son Jesus so anyone, anywhere can be truly free and free indeed (see John 8:36, The Holy Bible).

Will you believe in Jesus Christ today and experience this everlasting freedom? If you choose today to believe in Jesus and give your heart to Him, He will set you free greater than outward liberties you may enjoy today as an American.

The liberty of a sin- filled soul is the greatest "liberty celebration day" of all.

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