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Celebrating the first week of 60 degree spring weather in Milwaukee

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7 Day Weather Planner
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In Milwaukee, when winter takes its time leaving, not wanting to give up the spotlight to spring, we get a little cranky. Winter becomes a bully sucking up our vitamin D and making us sleepy by suffocating us with clouds. However, if three days in a row it is 50 degrees or above, we celebrate as if being freed from winter's dungeons...not that we chose to live in Wisconsin or anything. Winter is still a jerk sometimes.

You don't know on those first warm days if you'll need a spring coat in the morning and a winter coat for when you leave work because God might play a fun trick on you and make it snow. After that last tricky week of snow, then cold, mild, humid, warm, and even warmer weather and finally a week of above 55 degrees, you bring out your flip flops and frolic around. Just like when you go laser-tagging and have to recharge your gun, the sun is the energy station and we stick our heads into the sunlight charging us up, aiming and firing our amazingness on everyone around us. I know a lot of people who go down to the beach even though 60 degrees by the lake is cold by other people's standards.

Some of you don't like the heat, and this time is perfect for you too. While the cloudy days made you smile like Wednesday Addams (this is me too), you can open the windows in the house to air out the must and the dust and hopefully clear up your stuffy nose. You can bird watch and don't need blankets while relaxing in your house. There is a livelier selection of music on the radio the first week that spring feels like spring! Something about country music just whispers through the willows of lemonade on the back porch, swinging on the tire swing and laughing. Or, you could jump up and down and dance screaming the lyrics from this fun song by Icona Pop.

This is also the best time to naturally get rid of a case of the doldrums. Get out with your friends, open up the curtains, curl up with your pet and just bask in what isn't a reflection of sun off of snow. You don't need a partner to enjoy this kind of weather. You honestly just need to feel the bustling of energy around you; people getting out and walking, children laughing outside, birds making themselves known on your porches and long lines at Kopps custard, because what better reason to get custard than to celebrate a bunch of 50 and 60 degree weather. Custard, sunshine, friends, fresh air and dancing like a dork... enjoy your 60 degree weather and let this song get stuck in your head. You simply must listen to it:

You're on a different road, I'm in the milky way
You want me down on earth, but I am up in space.

You're so darn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch,
You're from the 70's, but I'm a 90's chick. - Icona Pop


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