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Celebrating the Divine Feminine; Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day and we are reminded of the Divine Feminine. The unconditional, perfect love of God that works through anyone, who is gives balance, harmony, nurtures and nourishes, with intention to comfort and support another. This is not limited to a biological connection. Children can also come to you, not always through you! Regardless, you are indeed a source of life to the world; possessing all that is needed to nurture another.

On this Mother's Day, find and embrace your Divine Mother, The Divine Feminine. Whether it is by birth, choice or the mother within; celebrate and give thanks to mother, mom, mummy, mama. Celebrate your nature, which is to nurture, comfort and guide, protect and love…unconditionally

May all the sons and daughters of the world be filled with that motherly affection which is the reflection of Divine Love; and may we give that unconditional motherly love to one another, so that we have peace and heaven on earth. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

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