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Celebrating “Read an Ebook Week” by spotlighting local Christian authors

Baltimore celebrates Read an Ebook Week: March 4-11
Baltimore celebrates Read an Ebook Week: March 4-11

The Baltimore Christian Living Examiner discovered that March 4-11 has been designated as “Read an Ebook Week!"

As such a diverse city full of creative, fine, and literary arts, Baltimore certainly has much to offer and can certainly add to the festivities by contributing a few authors of our own. Baltimore is home and host to some of the most powerful and anointed authors published and it is truly an honor to highlight some of these gifted writers who continue to thrive and share their gift with the masses through digital and print formats.

With the creation of devices such as Nook, Kindle and others, many writers, publishers and distributors immediately made the transition to accommodate our tech savvy and ever-evolving society. Christian writers are not exempt and we are proud to highlight a few here who have published works available in both print as well as a variety of digital formats. Please support our authors who have truly been gifted by God to pour out blessings, inspiration and knowledge upon each page for their readers.

Below you will find a list of authors that are Baltimore based and/or very frequent visitors to our area. This list includes the author’s name, book title, brief synopsis and where you can purchase or download copies of their digital books in honor of the week.

Please support these authors and many others by purchasing their books, submitting reviews on their Amazon or other web pages and/or clicking “like” on their Amazon book page, Facebook page or other social media page.

In-joy a good “e-read” TODAY!

Author: Margaret D. Pagan

Title: More Than A Slave: The Life of Katherine Ferguson

Available on Kindle at or at

Book Synopsis: A young girl freed from the sin of slavery and from the slavery of sin made history by opening a school in 1797 which became the first Sunday school in the state of New York. Read about her joys and sacrifices in this book, based on a true story.

Author: Quiniece Sheppard

Title: Before the Lights Go Out:11 Keys to Achieve Real Physical Intimacy

Click link to purchase:

Book Synoposis: If your idea of foreplay includes candlelight dinner, rose petals and whip cream, you are misguided. We have been focusing only on the physical while we are neglecting the emotional and spiritual needs of our mate. This neglect has lead to dissolving relationships, conflicts in the marriage, and internal struggles. In Before the Lights Go Out, I outlined eleven keys to enhance foreplay, which will develop the intimacy in your relationship, thus allowing you to form a tighter bond with your mate. Leave the lights on a bit longer and begin the emotional and spiritual journey towards a better you.

Author: Dr. Joey N. Jones

Title: 100 Percent, The Power of Giving Your All: 31 Ways to a Better You

Click link to purchase: keywords=joey+jones+and+100+percent&sprefix=joey+Jones%2Caps%2C177


This book is so unique! Discover what it takes to give your all and achieve the success that awaits you when you apply the proven principles, cleverly captured in this stimulating and dynamic book. Cleverly presented, Dr. Jones shares his observations of proven, successful others in such a way that motivates you to make your next move towards experiencing your next level of success. It encourages readers to do better; give their all; and pursue their dreams.

Author: Maxine Bigby Cunningham

Title: Power Walking, a Journey to Wholeness

Purchase by following these links: Kindle Print Multiple Ebook Formats

Book Synopsis: Using "power walking" as a metaphor for achieving an optimal level of wellbeing - body, mind and spirit, the author provides four steps to wellness. The author draws on her own experience of recovering from clinical depression. Through this tapestry of poems, prose, artistic designs and sacred writings, readers will be informed, inspired and empowered in their own search for healing and wellness.

Prologue is from Isaiah 40; Epilogue is from Isaiah 43.

Author: Sandra Mizell Chaney

Title: The Woman Within: It's An Inside Job

Click link to purchase:

Book Synopsis: The Woman Within: It’s An Inside Job is a transformational lesson of using life’s lemons and making sweet tea. Using abstract experiences, Chaney forges a symmetrical course to make an indelible mark in the lives of women across the world. From A to Z, Chaney challenges the fears, victimization, generational thoughts and patterns to candidly impact hearts and shatter societal myths of who you are as a woman. Sound and pragmatic truths are presented to encourage women to rid themselves of past negativity and unleash the power and purpose within them and really become an authentic woman.

Author: Joy Turner

Title: Content...Right Where I Am

Click link to purchase:

Book Synopsis: Are you stuck, trapped in a miserable existance where your only hope lies in tomorrow? Embrace your TODAY and find contentment regardless of your circumstance, present situation or past! It is God's desire for us to live life more abundantly and not just in waiting for tomorrow to come! We can be content today once we discover the blessings and joys that often get overlooked when our focus is out of season. This book provides tips, tools, scripture references and more to guide the reader on their own journey towards joy so that every reader can proclaim I'm "Content... Right Where I Am."


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