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Celebrating perversity: Burger King sells gay Whoppers

Burger Sells gay burger called "The Proud Whopper"
Burger Sells gay burger called "The Proud Whopper"

I never knew a hamburger could have it's own sexual preference. But apparently Burger King thinks so, they are now selling them. At one Burger King restaurant in San Francisco, the burger chain is selling what it calls “The Proud Whopper.” It's the same as the regular Whopper, except it comes in a rainbow-colored wrapper that says on it, “introducing THE PROUD WHOPPER.”

It would be far too easy to dismiss this as a cheap marketing stunt by Burger King, because why would they to this far to market a product aimed at just three percent of the United States population? So it is not a cheap marketing stunt. What it is, is celebrating perversity. It's being outrageous and appealing to anyone who thinks gay is “cool.” And apparently Burger King thinks gay is cool, especially in the area of San Francisco where the one Burger King location is selling the gay Whoppers.

What exactly about being gay is one supposed to be “proud” of in buying a gay “Proud Whopper” at Burger King? The sexual preference of most homosexual involves having frequent sex with a large number of sexual partners, and such a practice leads to the ramp and unhealthy spreading of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. This is a lifestyle, in the era of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, that becoming a death-style. What about that is there to be proud? And why should Burger King sell gay pride burgers to celebrate that?

Perhaps Burger King, if it wanted to be controversial, could stand up for a good cause like defending the right of the football team in Washington D.C. to call themselves the Redskins. In Washington D.C. and nearby parts of Maryland and Virginia and Delaware, Burger King could appeal to Redskins fans by offering them an option to get a Washington Redskins Pride Whopper at those locations of Burger King. We should have pride in something that folks can be proud of, rather than in a lifestyle that is promiscuous and unhealthy and is prematurely killing people. Don't expect to see Burger King selling the Drunk Pride Whopper any time soon. If they did I might get one just to once again proclaim that Rick Perry was right.

If Burger King really wants to do something positive, especially if they did it this weekend, they should be selling American Pride Whoppers with the American Flag on the wrapper, and maybe some quotes from the founders of our country about liberty. Burger King could sell American Pride Whoppers in just about all the restaurants they have around the country. Now that would be a burger worth buying, and if they made sure to make it out of nothing but 100 percent pure grass-fed Angus Beef, it would also be a burger worth eating.

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