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Celebrating Motherhood: Sharing memories of women who touched our lives, Part 2

Holly, Jocelyn and Melody
Holly, Jocelyn and Melody
Photos courtesy of MJR Publications, LLC

Although Mother's Day for the year 2011 is almost over, I'd like to share some additional thoughts on women who can make a powerful impact in our lives.

Special Friends
Photo courtesy of MJR Publications, LLC


I've had the pleasure of knowing Angela, my niece since I was fifteen years old. As a teenager in the mid-70's, I educated her early on the topic of boys. She's told me that she remembers when the TV movie Sooner or Later starring Rex Smith first aired. She sat in my lap as I fixed my gaze on the screen, swooning over his handsome appearance and soft, sultry singing voice.

As we both matured, we've bonded on a more deeper, emotional and spiritual level. Angela has the gift of both music and writing, and has a strong passion for the Lord. She also contributed to the anthology, Loving Hearts Live Forever and included a song she wrote for my late husband Tim.


Have you a friend you've known all through junior and senior high school? Maybe that bond is so close, that you stayed in contact over the years. It is possible that you were in each other's weddings. Perhaps your children were close in age. Is there someone who could see you at your best and your worst and still want to be your friend?

I am blessed to have a friend like that. Mary and I attended school and church together and had numerous sleep-overs at our homes. Our children are about one year apart and we continue to keep in touch through the years. Today, Mary and two of her daughters joined us while we visited our Mom at a nursing home. We had a wonderful surprise. We knew one of her older daughters recently had a baby, but we had not yet had a chance to see her. Mary and her daughters and new grandchild stopped in to help celebrate Mother's Day. What a blessing for all of us!

We all need special relationships. Let's keep the bond of friendship growing!


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