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Celebrating Easter

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     It comes as no surprise why Easter, aside from Christmas and New Year, makes for the most crowded Sundays known to man. Easter is celebrated by attending church services, Easter egg hunts for the children, plays that remake Christ’s resurrection, and often times dinner with family or church members. Easter marks a very important day in Christian religion and Christian denominations around the world. Today we celebrated the resurrection of Christ; many Christians would say that this day is more than important to Christian religion, but that it also shapes us as Christians giving us the freewill to repent any time we feel the need too. With out Christ’s resurrection repentance would not be an option, so we would be subjected to punishment for our sins.
     Surprisingly there are some Christians that do not celebrate Easter because the bible does not specifically mention the celebration of Easter, but instead talks of Passover. The online magazine “The Good News Magazine of Understanding” says that some Christians do not look fondly on Easter because Easter has been said to have been linked to pagan customs and fertility rites, which why the symbols for Easter are the egg and the hare. Although Easter may have begun as a pagan celebration it was converted to be a celebration of Christ’s resurrection when Christians converted Saxons to Christianity. Since the celebrations fell within the same time in spring the two were merged just to be a celebration for Christ’s resurrection.
      Christ was resurrected so all that believed in him may live and have everlasting eternal life. Many of us fall due to sin in our day to day lives and it is very refreshing to know that any time we fall short due to sin that we can just repent. Easter is an important day and whether we celebrate Easter or not, it is safe to say that we as Christian are very blessed that Christ died and was resurrected. Easter will continually be one of the most celebrated holidays in Christian religion.