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Celebrating autism during the holidays

Precious Gifts for the Holidays
Precious Gifts for the Holidays

Having a child with autism can certainly make the holiday season even more of a test of patience than everyday living.  While you want your child and your family to enjoy and get the most out of this joyous season, handling melt-downs and behavior issues with love and patience can be a constant challenge. 

Autism Speaks, a nationally recognized autism awareness organization, offers tips and resources for helping your child with autism and your family enjoy the holidays in their newsletter Community Connections

Just a few tips for a Happy Holiday with autism:

  • Preparation - planning in advance is so important
  • If you are traveling, have favorite foods, toys and comfort items readily available
  • Be aware of the level of noise your child can tolerate
  • Pick out a 'safe' place in advance for your child to go if they become over-stimulated
  • Openly discuss and reiterate the plans, schedule and anticipated events of the holidays so your child knows what to expect and when

Most of all, remind yourself often what a precious gift your child is, and appreciate their unique perspective of the world around you.

Merry Christmas!