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Celebrating America’s decline

Photo of all the common folk invited to the WHCD
Photo of all the common folk invited to the WHCD
Photo by Kris Connor

If you didn’t receive your invitation to the big party celebrating America’s decline you missed an opportunity to hobnob with the supporters, enablers and overjoyed profiteers of our country’s precipitous slide. You may have seen some of the action on C-Span or your local news and entertainment channel. We are referring to the annual Washington Correspondence dinner held in Washington.

As Michelle Obama is fond of saying that after six vacations in four months “Splurging is the key to life”. (Quote) Splurge they did, what started as a dinner for Washington Correspondents in 1921 has turned into a full weekend bash. From pre-parties to after-parties to after after-parties geared to the who’s who of Washington and must attend for those with something to sell. Michelle found it important enough to splurge on a $7,000 Marcesa gown.

While out of reach for the 91.8 million Americans out of work tickets are not overpriced at $2,000 a table for you and nine other guests. So it is not the actual cost of the ticket that keeps the guest list to an intimate 2,630 but the Washington Correspondence Association that are the gate keepers. They make sure to keep the riff raff to a minimum and only to be paraded about like John the savage in Brave New World. (Duck Dynasty) But that doesn’t mean a sullied reputation will keep you off the guest list they invited serial liar Susan Rice, Just-Us attorney Eric Holder and I.T. expert Kathleen Sebelius.

But the evening is primarily about fun for those who have made out well during this recession. Obama kicked off the evening joking about the 2.6 trillion spent on Obamacare that changed his slogan from “yes we can” to” Control Alt delete”. He received lots of laughs commenting the 47% on government assistance should apologize to Romney for voting for Democratic. The crowd roared when he made fun of Cliven Bundy, private citizen fighting the federal government for his business in Texas.

The events master of ceremonies Joel McHale seemed to have missed the memo that no one makes fun of Obama and his supporters. When he stated that Obama gets a yearly prostate exam to look for polyps and George Clooney’s head the crowd gasped. They groaned when he stated Obama is one of the all time top fifty presidents, and then expanded by asking the audience to explain the joke to Jessica Simpson. They didn’t seem to like his joke about CNN is still searching for its dignity, or that with Nancy Pelosi’s face he couldn’t tell if she enjoyed his jokes.

At this point you are wondering why they call it a Washington Correspondence dinner with all these celebrities. Well there were “reporters” there. Yahoo blogger Katie Couric was in attendance trying to sell the loss in viewership if she pinch hits for the Today show. Mr. Tingle leg Chris Matthews managed to avoid wetting himself being in the same room as Obama. Appropriately recent Cronkite award winner Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan Farrow was not invited (appropriately since as many people watch Cronkite today as Farrow’s show) but was a fixture at all the after parties.

When this one percent of the one percent who care so much gather in one room they would like not to appear too narcissistic. So the White House Correspondence dinner is billed as a charity. This way they get the last laugh on middle class taxpayers with write offs for travel, lodging, time, and tickets. A half a million was collected in ticket sales and $300,000 was donated for a scholarship so others can learn to be as caring and generous as they are while celebrating their small part in America’s decline.

Note: if you missed it, and have two hours to kill (WHCD)

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