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Celebrating a Compassionate Thanksgiving

Turkeys have feelings too
Turkeys have feelings too
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Have you ever thought about what Thanksgiving is like surrounded by vegans and vegetarians? Next year, why don't you join the Vegetarian Society of Colorado at their annual Thanksgiving Day Fundraiser. This year's fundraiser was a hit, thanks to the volunteers who made it happen. Here's what people are saying about the event:

“It was a wonderful feeling of community. Not all attendees were vegan, but it was nice to share the day and meal with kind, open hearted people. Thank you to Dr. Connie Sanchez for an informative nutrition talk!” Ann S.

“This event proves that vegans LOVE to eat and that we had full plates of beautifully prepared food that created full tummies for everyone. It was awesome to meet so many other compassionate people who are taking a stand against this unquestioned 'tradition' of cruelty in this nation. I can't wait for next year's dinner!!!” Peg F.

“Thanks so much to Peter and Ann for their hard work organizing the wonderful vegan dinner and doing most of the work. If it weren't for them, none of us would have been there.” Ken V.

“It was a wonderful gathering of compassionate vegans. Finally we vegans could have a gentle Thanksgiving where we didn't have to share a non-vegan meal, which I heard through fellow vegans is not fun. It was a lovely Thanks'living' celebration - not a Thanks'killing'!” Priti V.

Save Turkeys. Meet greet People. Join the Vegetarian Society of Colorado at next year’s Thanksgiving Fundraiser!


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