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Celebrating 4th of July with family

Many families celebrate the 4th of July together, with the emphases on Family. This is wonderful and becomes a time honored tradition. Today our families are closer together in generations (i.e., grandparents, parents, and children) and celebrating together may have become a bit awkward for everyone. Adding a new layer to the group is the caregiver, this person is an added bonus for the family at this time. The parents of this group are trying to delicately balance their parents and their children while maintaining employment and bills.

A family celebration can be one which is active throughout the day. Beginning with a lunch picnic where all are in attendance and maybe a little time spent playing a game or two. While later in the in the afternoon, perhaps a community band concert or a televised fireworks display; followed by taking the grandparents’ home. Depending where the caregiver fits in the family this may be the right time to leave them off or perhaps they are needed for a little longer. Now for the children going to a commercial display, this is free, then moving on to taking the children home. Once the children are settled down for the evening, parents can have some quality time before retiring.

Since this year the holiday falls on a Friday, parents have a weekend to recover, while also taking care of some of the household chores. Whether celebrated together or not, it is nice for all to remember exactly why we celebrate this day. We are very fortunate to live in a country where it is (mostly) safe to honor our country. Caregiver’s or drop-in Respite can be just the right extra person to make this day work smoothly and well. Have a happy and safe 4th of July.

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