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Celebrate Your Independence: Top 10 Reasons to Embrace Your Single Status


Every single gal in the city knows, there is nothing like the excited charge of a first meeting, the anticipatory butterflies of a first date or the fireworks of a first kiss. Although public perception of “unattached” may sometimes come with its own stigmas, where carefree bachelors are cast down somewhere between “afraid of commitment” and “fatally flawed,” many find it deeply empowering and you, gorgeous, should be no exception. You walk to the beat of your own drum and we applaud you for it.

So, this Independence Day be sure to celebrate your own independence.  Here are 10 (OK, eleven) fun and fabulous reasons to embrace your single status because um…yes, it IS all about you.

1. You can sleep in as late as you want, take the whole bed and hog all of the covers

2. You can hang out in your underwear, eat over the sink and then leave your dirty dish in it

3. You can make plans at the last minute, run off at a moment’s notice and not come home for days at a time, after all everyone loves a wild story and thank goodness you always have a zinger

4. There’s no greater motivator to stay in shape, accomplish your goals and look your very best than singledom…boy, you are lookin’ fine today

5. You can focus on your career without any hassles or guilt (oh, and that co-worker crush, cute maintenance repair man, even Pete from Accounting – all fair game)

6. The world is your candy store with no one to slap your hand – pick your flavor

7. You are not a football widow

8. You do not have to deal with jealousy issues

9. You are not pregnant (have another martini)

10. You can leave the light on, the toothpaste cap on the sink and the towel on the floor

11. And here’s one more for good measure: You have the freedom to do, say, go, choose whatever you want, whenever you want – the world is your oyster, no questions asked

 Photo by Lise Gagne



  • Samson Simpson 5 years ago

    That's a hell of a top ten. I hope the ladies don't get discouraged and stop coming out to see me.....ooooh, yeah.