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Celebrate your favorite web-slinger: It’s Spider-Man Day

Celebrate your favorite web-slinger: It’s Spider-Man Day
Sandra Perez

Very little is known about this superhero holiday, no source or creator could be found for it. Not even Marvel’s site is mentioning anything about it. Either way, ya gotta love Spider-Man Day! Friday, August 1, is Spider-Man Day. This holiday seems only fair. After all, Spidey didn’t get an Avengers invite, so he deserves a holiday.

Yes, Marvel fans, we know today should be all about the big “Guardians of the Galaxy” premiere, but show Peter Parker some love! Although “Guardians of the Galaxy” was amazing! …Ok, back to Spidey. How can you celebrate our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? It’s pretty simple – read one of his comics or get some popcorn ready and watch your favorite Spider-Man movie. Are you a huge Spidey fan? Dress up like him today!

World’s Special Days says, “This day is when fans can get together and ‘worship’ their hero, Peter Parker.” One of the reasons Spider-Man Day is observed annually on August 1 is because that’s when the character was created by Stan Lee – so be sure to show him some love, too.

Spider-Man is considered one of the most popular and recognizable superheroes in the world, right along with Batman, Superman, and Hulk. Out of those four, Spider-Man is the most relatable. Outside of his costume, Parker lives an ordinary life. He is awkward, smart, and full of lame one-liners that we all love.

Unfortunately for Spider-Man fans, “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” has been pushed way back to 2018. Its initially release date, November 11, 2016 has been given by “Sinister Six.” So more reason to celebrate since it will be a while before we see him on the big screen.