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Celebrate your dog on National Dog Day 2014

Celebrate your furry friends today and every day.
Celebrate your furry friends today and every day.

Love your dog? Celebrate that special bond today with National Dog Day 2014. Founded 10 years ago by Colleen Paige, this holiday was created with the philanthropic goal of saving lives and making the planet a better place for animals.

National Dog Day is an ideal day to consider adopting. It can even be a birthday for all the rescued dogs whose actual birthdays are unknown. Not a dog lover or a dog owner? Consider today a perfect opportunity to donate your time or money to your local shelter or rescue group.

Why do dogs need a holiday? National Dog Day (also known as International Dog Day & National Dog Appreciation Day) is celebrated August 26th annually to help recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, and to acknowledge all that dogs contribute to our daily lives.

Founder Colleen Paige states on her website, ”I founded National Dog Day in 2004 to honor dogs, to give them 'a day', to show our deep appreciation for the historical connection of companionship with one another - for their endearing patience, unquestioning loyalty, for their work protecting our streets, homes and families as Police K-9’s, Military Working Dogs, Guide Dogs and Therapy Dogs. My dog, Sailor, was tortured and starved when I found her in the shelter at 7 months old and she taught me what unconditional love and trust really meant. I want the world to celebrate dogs for their capacity to love and their ability to impact our lives everyday in the most miraculous ways. I want this to be a day to encourage dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure – to help abolish puppy mills and end breed specific legislation so we can create a world where all dogs (and every animal) can live a happy, safe and ”abuse-free life”.

This year's featured partner, American Authors, is described on the National Dog Day website as an animal loving, four-piece alt-rock outfit based in Brooklyn. American Authors use their razor-sharp musicianship and natural mastery of songcraft as a jumping-off point for sonic exploration. Signed to Island Records, their fall tour kicks off August 8th! Click here to learn more and listen to their debut album, "Oh What A Life".

However you choose to celebrate, take a moment to appreciate the unconditional love you dog lavishes on you just for being their human. Grab the leash and go for a long walk, hop in the car for a ride, take your dog to browse the aisles of a pet-friendly store, or take him with you to a restaurant with pet-friendly outdoor dining. They truly are "man's best friend!"

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