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Celebrate World Water Day on March 22, 2012

Spray Lakes above Canmore AB
Spray Lakes above Canmore AB
Grace C. Visconti

On March 22, World Water Day is celebrated across the globe. Water has always been a precious resource, a very important past, present, and future commodity. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations coordinates world Water Day 2012 and every year, a specific aspect of freshwater is highlighted according to the UN-Water website. This year the theme is Water and Food Security: The World is Thirsty Because We are Hungry.

The Agenda 21 Initiative presented the first proposal for World Water Day during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil. The World Water Day event was announced by the United Nations General Assembly and its inaugural annual event on March 22, 1993.

World Water Day gives attention to this valuable resource in Alberta, Canada and worldwide. By advocating for water management and sustainability of freshwater not only on World Water Day but also all year round, it brings focus and solution bearing innovation by groups on local and national levels.

Furthermore, the discussion and innovation continues after World Water Day in Calgary that has one of the best water management systems in the world. On June 28, 2012, the 3rd Annual Canadian Water Summit, the Water-Food-Energy Nexus: Strategies for Competitiveness is coming to TELUS Spark, the new Science Centre, in Calgary, Alberta. This Summit is a forum for brainstorming and developing Canada’s leadership in water management and innovation. There will be 250 leaders at the Summit, interacting and communicating about the challenges occurring between water, food, and energy. Trends, debate, and emerging solutions for Canadian water leadership will be presented and discussed. The contributions and interactions about water sustainability will be the focus of this Summit and the results will help shape Canada’s freshwater future.

The following are links some World Water Day events in Calgary, Alberta for youth and adults:

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)


The Council of Canadians

Make a Splash on World Water Day
World Water Day Events


Miscellaneous websites on World Water Day events

Canadian Water Resources & Engineers Without Borders

Presentations at Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures and City of Calgary, Water Centre

Alberta Council for Global Cooperation (ACGC)

International World Water Day – Okotoks

Green Edmonton – How To Live Green. Here.

Edmonton Water Week


Informative links about water in Calgary and Alberta:

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Canadian Water Summit

Calgary Social Change on Twitter Communications and connections for environmental and social justice movements in Calgary – multiple contributors.


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